Only Together, Great Things Can Happen

I have recently learned how to dance. But I cannot do it alone. In most types of dancing, I need a partner for it, and I come to realize that dancing is not the only thing you cannot do alone.

There’s plenty more things in life that you cannot do alone, and if you look around you, you’d realize that a lot of things cannot function well just on their own too.

A train will not be able to reach it’s destination without a proper tracks. Same goes with growing up milk powder. Like a train that will not be able to reach it’s destination with proper tracks, growing up milk powder without a good formulation in it will not be able to fully benefit a child.

I’m sure most of you mummies and daddies out there are more than aware that DHA is one of the important thing that you must look for in the contents label whenever you buy growing up milk powder for your child as DHA is one of the key ingredient that helps build brain cells.

But…how many of you mummies and daddies out there is aware that having a lot of DHA is not enough? Here’s a little fact for you, mummies and daddies…human babies are born with millions of brain cells, and these brain cells are waiting to be connected. Learning only happens when those brain cells are connected. And we need Gangliosides to help these brain cells get connected so that learning can happen.

So, how do you actually help a child’s brain cells gets connected with one another through nourishment? Well, elementary my dear readers. You can choose growing up milk powder that contains Gangliosides in its’ formulation.

Gangliosides play an important role in children’s mental and physical development as it helps connect the brain cells and consequently, helps children to learn faster and grow smarter.

Like a train that needs to reach it’s destination, both DHA and Gangliosides are needed to nourish a child’s brain so that learning could happen faster. DHA and Gangliosides must work in a synergy so that it can deliver better outcome, just like the video below:

In other words, what I’m trying to say is, whenever you choose a growing up milk powder for your children, you can’t just choose a growing milk powder that only contains DHA and some vitamins or minerals in it, but you need to choose a growing up milk powder that combines both DHA as well as Gangliosides along with other vitamins and minerals in it. Only by working together, DHA and Gangliosides can make great things happens.

Anyway, a couple of days ago, I came across this advertisement.

It’s a milk brand advertisement, claiming that Anmum Essential contains not only DHA, but Gangliosides as well.

Being an Anmum Essential user, I’m well aware of that, of course. I’ve known that Anmum Essential not only contains DHA and Gangliosides and have no added sugar in it for quite some time now, but what really catches my attention is the word ‘ ‘more Gangliosides than before’. Obviously this ad is made to inform the consumer about their new formulation.

Gosh, I did not know that Anmum Essential has been recently improved. I decided to do some research in the shopping centre to confirm that the ad is not a hoax (ahem, that’s just an excuse to go shopping, Midyear sale is going on. LOL)

And when I went to the hypermarket, I spotted this banner at the milk powder aisle

So the advertisement was not a hoax after all. Anmum Essential was really improvised.

I noticed that there’s ‘More Gangliosides and DHA’ on the bottom left of the Anmum Essential packaging.

And I was informed by the milk promoter in charged that the new Anmum Essential contains 80% more DHA and 25% more Gangliosides.

Well, here’s the more reason you should choose Anmum Essential as your children’s growing up milk. It not only contains no added sugar (which is important cuz too much added sugar can be hazardous to children’s health in the long run), but contained more DHA and Gangliosides that helps children to learn faster as well.

Cleffairy: For more information on Anmum Essential and the importance of both DHA and Gangliosides in a child’s growing up milk, CLICK HERE




  1. small Kucing says:

    using Anmum not. Just wish the price wont increase so high. Any higher then maybe have to change to a cheaper brand

  2. Cleffairy says:

    There’s price increase with the formula change? I had no idea… I din notice. 🙁 But anyway, price change is expected la… *sigh* sekarang apa pun mahal… everything oso pointing to the sky!

  3. bigfatmama says:

    Anmum changed formula again? Are you sure this brand is trustworthy? I mean, they keep changing their formula, I think that’s just bad and no good for the children. I think children needs stability.

    • Cleffairy says:

      I know, Angie, but then again, you got to wean off children from breast milk after certain age, right? So choosing growing up milk after the weaning off stage is really important. 😀

  4. Xiu Ming says:

    If I’m not mistaken, there’s a few growing up milk brand in the market that has more DHA than Anmum, and costs cheaper. I used to use Anmum, but the price raises too high, and I dun think it’s really kind on the pocket.

  5. Cik Bawang Hijau says:

    Hi, first time saya kat sini. Saya ternampak post awak kat blogger group dalam fb. Dulu anak saya minum Anmum, tapi lepas diorang tukar formula ke ‘tanpa gula tambahan’, saya stop sebab anak saya tak nak minum. Rasa dia dah lain dah kot? Takde gula, so budak tak suka. Sekarang saya bagi anak saya minum Dutch Lady, takde masalah. 😀

  6. Parveen says:

    Saw this post in fb group and your poll regarding choosing milk powder for children. First of all, I’m a breast milk supporter, I think breast milk is the best, but for kids 3yo and above, I think Pediasure is better than Anmum?

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