Out of frenzy!

I participated in a scriptwriting event last month known as Script Frenzy where the participants are required to write a script of 100 pages in one month time. I’ve been meaning to… err… boast about my achievement, cuz participating in Script Frenzy is not the same like NaNoWriMo for me. Script writing is not really my strong point. It’s simply a pain in the butt, literally.

I spent more time moping in front of the PC thinking on how I should write or if a certain slugline is proper than writing the script itself. But by the end of the month, I managed to come out with a script set with 500 pages in it. Now that’s a huge personal record for me, though the script was actually an adaptation from my ongoing novel with the working title Masquerade.

It is hard to explain to those who did not participate in the event of the satisfaction gained after completing the challenge. But I have to express to all of you who stumbled upon this article that healthy amount of stress could motivate you to achieve many things, and could be greatly missed after it’s over.

This post is just to reward myself and remind myself to remain dedicated and discipline all the time, and not just during NaNoWriMo or Script Frenzy event. This is what I get for completing the challenge.

A congratulatory message from the organizer


A winner’s badge…


A certificate for it


And because I am also a part of Script Frenzy Young Writer program, I get another set of badge


And also another piece of certificate as a bonus


Cleffairy: Writing is a never ending adventure. So, people… no matter what form or writing you’re in, be it blogging, novel writing, journal writing and whatnot, never ever stop it cuz you may gain more than not from it.


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