Places to Have Breakfast in Selangor

Whether you are craving traditional Malaysian delights serving Nasi Lemak and Roti Canai, international cuisine such as The English Breakfast, or even trendy cafes dishing out instagrammable creations, Selangor has something to satisfy the brekkie-goers and morning meal lovers. We have selected a variety of locations throughout Selangor that may fulfill your breakfast cravings. Come along by browsing through 9 ideas for your breakfast spread!


Roti Canai Kari Kambing in Sungai Besar is the main attraction to locals and visitors who came to Sabak Bernam. Many locals describe the main dish as one of the best breakfasts to have. The bread is crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, while the lamb curry has a unique taste that you can never find anywhere else. When paired together, they create a symphony in your palate. Apart from that, the restaurant also serves other Malay traditional breakfasts, so customers also have the option to try their other menus, such as Pulut Sambal, Nasi Lemak, Kuih Muih and others. Eating your breakfast with a scenic view of the paddy field will surely make your day more content.


Start your day with some colourful and delicious food. Roti Canai Pelangi serves colourful roti canai with distinct flavours for each colour – red is strawberry flavoured, yellow is corn flavoured, orange is durian flavoured, blue is yam flavoured, and green is apple flavoured. However, the flavours are not strong, so it will not disrupt the original taste of the roti canai. The roti canai is soft and fluffy while being accompanied with different side dishes such as lamb curry, beef curry, and chicken leg curry for customers to enjoy. This restaurant operates in a self-service system where customers will take the food they choose on their own and pay at the counter. If customers would like to try other dishes, there are a variety of options, such as nasi ambeng, pecal, laksa, lontong, and more. With ample seating tables available and fresh food being served, you will be in a good mood all day.
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Is breakfast your favorite meal of the day? Well, Fino Coffee in Klang serves breakfast all day. This cafe has a quiet ambience where you can relax and enjoy your meal to full satisfaction with no distractions around you. Some of the breakfast dishes that they serve are the big fino breakfast, savoury percik fried chicken sourdough open toast, and sweet very berry sourdough open toast. They also serve a veggie option for any vegetarians to try. Apart from that, they also serve unique beverages for matcha and houjicha lovers to try, such as matcha red bean and houjicha chocolate. Fino Coffee strives to use fresh ingredients to ensure their customers are getting the best quality food.
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Customers and visitors will be transported into the past when they eat at Tingkap Cafe in Old Town Petaling Jaya. This breakfast spot has an old school Kopitiam aesthetic with affordable and delicious traditional food for breakfast lovers to try. Some of the food served are Roti Jala, Lontong, Mee Rebus, Coconut Lempeng with Sambal Ikan Bilis, Curry Laksa, and more. They are most famous for their fresh aromatic satay, which is being cooked right in front of the stall and also for their variety of traditional kuih muih. The prices of the food and beverages are affordable and satisfying to eat. The old school ambience and the vast traditional Kopitiam breakfast will definitely brighten up your day.
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A traditional Malay breakfast restaurant that is famous among the locals and visitors in the area for its vast variety of traditional Malay cuisine such as Roti Jala with chicken curry, Asam Laksa, Mee Rojak, Soto, Lontong, Nasi Lemak Pandan, Curry Mee, and their wide-range of traditional Malay kuih muih with a minimum cost of only 50 cents. This restaurant is always packed with customers who are always looking forward to trying their good quality food, affordable prices, and the vast selection of breakfast food on the menu.
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If you are looking for a cafe that serves one of the best western and Instagrammable breakfasts, do visit the Breakfast Room in Bukit Jelutong. The menu selections of classic western breakfasts with unique and delicious twists are why many locals and visitors come here time and time again. Some of their breakfast menu items are their selections of English muffins, sandwiches, eggs and toast, and coffees and teas. The dishes are served in big, hearty portions, so customers will never leave the restaurant feeling unsatisfied. The cozy ambience of the cafe adds to the dining experience, providing a welcoming atmosphere to enjoy your meal.
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Aunty Gemuk’s char kuey teow is one of the best dishes in Klang Valley. With a very affordable price of RM4.50 per plate, many customers would come and choose this stall as their favourite go-to breakfast spot. The noodles had a tinge of spiciness and smokiness, which sets them apart from other char kuey teow stalls. Apart from that, they also serve a delicious and hearty curry laksa. You can taste the love and passion in each bite of the food that they make, and it will definitely make your day brighter and more satisfied.


This breakfast spot has a Kampung vibe with western-taste delicacies. Many locals and visitors would come to this restaurant to taste their wide variety of unique western and local flavours, such as the Egg in Purgatory, Kacang Pool, Nasi Lemak, Fried Kuey Teow, Fried Prawn Mee, Crispy Chicken Chop with Fried Rice, and more. However, their main breakfast dishes would have to be their vast selections of Nasi Lemak, toasted bread sandwiches, and delectable Crossaint sandwiches. Visitors and customers who came to the restaurant are also lavished with the restaurant’s service, including its ample and free access parking space and air conditioned dining hall.
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In between Hulu Langat and Gombak, Mak O Mak Cafe is an authentic cafe restaurant that serves local cuisine and western dishes. It opens as early as 8 and this cafe is suitable especially for coffee enthusiasts and toast lovers since the cafe offers a variety of quick pick-me-up breakfasts such as roti bakar telur goyang, crossaint sandwiches, and toasted breads. Other than that, Mak O Mak Cafe also serves a wide selection of coffee for customers to try. The cafe serves affordable price and large portions, customers will leave the cafe with nothing but satisfaction.
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A simple yet unique and delicious breakfast. Roti Leleh Batu Arang restaurant is a local favourite in the area and a go-to destination among cyclists who come by to rest and get their hands on this breakfast dish. The soft bread is grilled on top of charcoal, then eaten with three half-boiled eggs, a dash of sweet soy sauce, and delicious red beans on top. Many locals and visitors would come by just to experience this dish, and it rarely leaves the customer unsatisfied. However, there are also other dishes being served, such as curry mee, lontong, and soto, as well as lemang and beef rendang. A simple breakfast to start and brighten your day.
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Whether you are eating traditional breakfast food or an instagrammable brunch cuisine, good food can always bring people together and bring a smile to your face. For more tourism inspiration in Selangor, visit Tourism Selangor’s official website,  #PusingSelangorDulu

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