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As a mum, I’m pretty much strict with what my son puts in his mouth. Junk food and candies are a no no and I put him on a gluten-free diet too for some health reason.

When it comes to snacking on sweets, there is not much kind of candies that I approve of but I recently discovered that PNKids offers a range of gummies for children that are fortified with vitamins and/or minerals which are made from the best and top grade natural ingredients that  are enriched with vitamins and minerals. For PNKids, a child well-being is their top priority and their range offers a board selection with great fruity flavours which available in different fun shapes and easy to chew. Positively addictive and healthy too.

For your information, PNKids gummies does not contain Lactose, Gluten, Soy, Nuts, Gelatin, Preservatives, Artificial flavours, Artificial colours and eggs. It is indeed safe for your children to consume. PNKids now are No. 1 gummies in Singapore and it is originated from USA.

There are 6 types of variants here so that all of you can choose the gummies that are most suitable for your kids.

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PNKids multi-vitamins for Boys and Girls with orange and grape flavour will provide your child with the key nutrients that they needed during their growing-up period. It is easy to take as it includes a variety of vital nutrients to prevent vitamin and/or mineral deficiencies. 

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PNKids Guard C contains Vitamin C with Roseship mixed gummies orange flavour enhances the absorption of iron from non-meat source. It also contributes to the absorption of iron from the food.

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PNKids Omega 3 DHA with mixed fish and coconut oil with lemon, orange and strawberry flavoured gummies is enriched with DHA, EPA and Omega 3. It is an easy to consume source of omega for your child, without the smelly taste associated with traditional fish oil.

 photo PNKids-Grow-MY-3D-300dpi-HighRes_zpscd4wm2f5.jpg

PNKids Grow with orange and lemon flavoured gummies with Calcium + Vitamin D. Calcium aids in the development of strong bones and teeth while Vitamin D assist calcium absorption in the body.

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PNKids Vitagest with mango flavoured gummies with Prebiotics + Vitamin C. It contains mixed vegetables and fruits i.e. Spinach, celery, cucumber, parlsey, pineapple, green apple, pear, kiwi, passion fruit and lemon also enriched with Vitamin C.

PNKids range is available at all leading pharmacies throughout Malaysia. For all parents, please be informed that PNKids are having their roadshow promotions at Ground Floor, 1U (Old Wing) Centre Court from 29 July 2015 til this Sunday, 2 August 2015 where you can get all these gummies at a promotion price, RM5 rebate and Garfield watches with lots of activities for your little ones. 


PNKids Boys/PNKids Girls – RP RM55.80/RM58.60 (EM)
PNKids Boys – RP RM55.80/RM58.60 (EM)
PNKids Omega 3 DHA – RP RM72.50/RM76.10 (EM) 
PNKids Grow – RP RM60.40/RM63.40 (EM) 
PNKids VitaGest – RP RM65.00/RM68.30 (EM)

PNKids is distributed by Kinsmedic Sdn Bhd which is a leading medical and healthcare supply company which is founded in 1992. They import and distribute medical equipment, instruments, medical sundries, healthcare products for home use throughout Malaysia.

For more information on PNKids Healthy Gummy range, please check out:

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Note to parents: If your kids have asthma, digestive problems or in medication, do consult your doctor first before giving them the gummies.

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