Project Hilang

Everyday an average of 12 children are reported to disappear and  many don’t return too their parents, and a group of volunteers has decided to develop a FREE and open sourced smartphone apps to help trace and return the missing children to their parents.

Basically, Project Hilang is a will be consisting of these feature:

1) Web based application to allow Admins & content editors to enter new entries, missing children that had been confirmed.

2) Mobile application for major smartphones that will allow users to receive real time updates and alert if a child goes missing. Parents who realized that their child is missing will be able to post alert through the apps and every user within the radius would be alerted, including shopping malls & local police. The apps will also randomly show missing child’s pictures & bio.

3) Shopping complex & police Interaction page – that will allow them to post in their details & alerts as well.
The project is still on development stage, and right at the moment, Project Hilang needs all the help they can get from the public. If you’re programmers, graphic designers, social media enthusiast and think that you could spare some time and effort to contribute, give exposure, or even sponsor Project Hilang in any way, please feel free to hop over to the Project Hilang Facebook Page to contact the person in charge and follow the updates on the project.
Cleffairy: Let us all work together for a better and safer Malaysia for our children.


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