Railway Tourism: Experiencing Kampung Life in Homestay Bukit Gantang

After dinner and concert in Ipoh Railway station, Sahabat Media and co departed to our respective homestays to spend time with our foster family. Some were sent to Kampung Beng, while the rest of us were sent to Homestays in Bukit Gantang and Gopeng. My family and I, along with my blogger friend Wendy were sent to Homestay in Bukit Gantang.

Due to unforseen circumstances where transportation and accommodation arrangement is concerned, we arrived late at Bukit Gantang. We only arrived back home at about 3am. I feel sorry for my foster mum and the rest of the foster families, but there is nothing any of us Sahabat Media can do. The fault is not ours and KTAM should have been more attentive when handling and coordinating media. Not sure who was actually in charge and responsible for all the glitches, but despite of the hiccup, we did managed to arrive safely and I am grateful for that.


This is our foster mum’s house. Pretty secluded. It is located in Kampung Pauh in Bukit Gantang.


A closer look at Puan Noriah’s house, whom we dubbed Mak Tok. ( it means grandmother in Malay)


Here is Mak Tok, serving us breakfast before we head over to other activities on our first day there.


Wendy stayed in the same house with us. And here is her pic, enjoying her breakfast.


Breakfast was pretty simple, but fabulous. Mak Tok has taken the trouble to prepare some cucur kodok durian ( durian fritters) and fried bihun for us. There was hot coffee and tea too. I was famished, so I took a few servings of the bihun and spared none of those yummy fritters.

My boy wasn’t really in a good mood that morning. He was absolutely tired; having to sleep late but forced to wake up early…but thank God he loved the food too and was all pumped up after that. Good thing, as we need all the energy for the rest of the day.

My family and I along with Wendy headed over to to the bus stop to join the rest for Lenggong Food Festival.

Wanna know what we had in the food festival? Well stay tune for the next update.

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