Ramadan Special Indulgence at Me’nate Steakhub

Want to reward yourselves after a whole day fasting? Not in the mood to hunt down for food in the crowded Ramadan Bazaar? A proper sit down meal is probably a much more favourable option but not sure what to eat and where to go? Well, why not go for some delicious steaks at Me’Nate Steakhub? It is owned by once a meat carver in Buckingham Palace, serving for the Queen Elizabeth II. Impressive, right? You can read his experience, written in the Harian Metro (click HERE)

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There’s 3 Me’nate Steakhub’s outlet so far and I managed to drop by their Setapak branch with my husband and son just a few days before Ramadan for their media preview.

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Entering the steakhouse, we were greeted with a lineup of refrigerators that stores raw meat. To retain the meat quality and texture, their meat are all chilled, and not frozen. Assorted steaks can be found here for your choosing, ranging from as low as RM35++ to RM1k++, depending on the steak’s grade and quality.

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The most expensive I’ve spotted in the refrigerator that day is this Matsusaka Wagyu steak, costing RM1008 per 200gram or RM4800 per kg. Expensive? Yes. Definitely. But I personally vouch for these. The steak will practically melt in the mouth as you eat it.

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The restaurant is a no-nonsense kind. No fancy deco whosoever to greet you or to tempt you to go on a photography or a selfie escapade, but it is spacious, functional and definitely comfortable. You may opt to dine in at the ground floor or at the air conditioned area at the first floor. Here’s a picture taken on the first floor.

Anyway, here’s sharing with you what they will be offering especially Ramadan. They have this group dining options especially for Ramadan 2015. No. There is no buffet at Me’nate but there is 4 type of group steaks with a minimum of 2 person per order.

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All sets comes with pasta Olio Aglio, mix salad and complimentary dates, fruit(mix fruits), soup of the day, rice of the day(briyani rice/dhal rice/ tomato rice) and free flow drinks.

Here’s what we managed to try. Heavenly Beef set.

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Heavenly Beef Set

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This Heavenly Beef set is priced at RM350 for 4-6pax.

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It is a meal set that comes with Crackling Beef served on a bed of 3 types of fragrant rice with a side of salad, soup of the day, fruits, dates and free flow of drinks. There is 3 different flavoured rice served with the meal, Nasi Briyani, Nasi Dhal and Nasi Tomato.

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Chef Mustaffa, the once Royal Meat Carver himself taking care of the carving for us. He is the one who served Her Majesty The Queen Elizabeth II of England. I never once imagined that I would have such an opportunity, but the man is not only generous and kind, but humble too. This is non food related but the chef got all teary eyed when he spotted my son. He probably recognized the fact that my son is autistic I suppose, and told me that I’m a privileged mother as there is only one child like mine in the world, and one day he would make me proud. I nearly cried on the spot at his kind words, and even more so when he specifically requested to have his photo taken with my son. Now, that is completely a new experience. The child is different and always will be. I have made peace with that and when it comes to socializing, he have been rejected countless way, even among some family members and relative. To have someone who is a complete stranger say such heartwarming things and treat him like he is someone important and special truly touches me. Anyway, enough of the sob story and let’s proceed with the foodie experience, shall we?

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A closer look at the Crackling Beef after the carving is done.

 photo IMG_3749_zps6zcsunuv.jpg

The beef was slowly roasted for 8 hours and was done medium rare. There was no additional flavourings added to it and it was a gastronomic perfection. No steak lover would be able to peel themselves away from this culinary masterpiece. It was flavourful, juicy, moist and positively divine on the palate. The 3 types of rice on the other hand, complement the beef perfectly. I’d suggest you to go easy on the rice, though. That way you’d be able to fully savor the splendid beef.

 photo DSCN0451_zpsoot1hcwp_edit_1434969338306_zpsacszxktq.jpg

Apart from the Heavenly Beef set meal, we had the opportunity to try 3 of the other sets featured this Ramadan.

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Set A at RM75/person. The set consists of Angus, Beef ribs and Lamb ribs/Ranghost.

 photo IMG_3780_zpsdy8w42q9.jpg

Just like the Heavenly Beef meal, the Angus, Beef ribs and Lamb ribs/Ranghost was magnificently done.

 photo IMG_3823_zpsqj9nqj6m.jpg

Set B at RM75/person consist of lamb shank, lamb ribs, lamb rack/loin and lamb syabu.

 photo IMG_3793_zps0ooztleb.jpg

These are not just a meal, but a culinary masterpiece.

 photo IMG_3825_zpsiw3ybqt7.jpg

Set D the Wagyu Lover at RM150/person consist of wagyu beef and wagyu beef ribs.

 photo IMG_3801_zps7hkayqxj.jpg

No words can actually describe my feelings when I took a bite of these. The meat practically melts in the mouth and it actually brings me to heaven and back. I still could imagine the taste as of writing. The Wagyu beef was magnificent, and I definitely would not mind a repeated experience in the nearest future.

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Here’s the chefs who were responsible for our gastronomic pleasure that night. And should you patronize the outlet, they will probably take care of your palate the exact same way and you will probably would want a repeated experience the moment you stepped out of their restaurant. They truly lived up to their claims of serving the best steak in Malaysia.

There is 3 Me’Nate Steakhub in Kuala Lumpur. Below is the information should you want to give their Ramadan offerings a try, either that or go with their ala carte menu. The choice is yours.

Me’Nate Ramadan Special

 photo 18816945318_aa20a27642_z_zpsvpor96yj_edit_1434955371244_zps8m8iuqe2.jpg

Set A at RM75/person consist of angus, beef ribs and lamb ribs/ranghost.

Set B at RM75/person consist of lamb shank, lamb ribs, lamb rack/loin and lamb syabu.

Set C at RM100/person consist of Salmon, Mussel, King prawn and Scallop/Crab Meat.

Set D the Wagyu Lover at RM150/person consist of wagyu beef and wagyu beef ribs.

Advance booking is recommended should you want to dine in groups, but they also welcomes walk in diners.

Me’nate Steak Hub 
Ampang Jaya Branch
No 16 Jalan Kerja Air Lama Satu,
Taman Shuet Liang,
68000 Ampang Jaya,
Kuala Lumpur
Telefon/Faks: +6 03 4251 3460

Wangsa Maju Branch
25 Jalan Delima 12,
Wangsa Link,
Wangsa Maju,
53300 Kuala Lumpur
Telefon: +6 03 4251 3460

Setapak Branch
C-01 & C-01-03, Starparc Point,
Jalan Taman Ibukota,
Off Jalan Genting Klang,
53300 Kuala Lumpur
Telefon : +6 03 4131 8121
Faks : +6 03 4131 1611



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