Juadah Iftar Buffet at The Living Room, The Westin Kuala Lumpur

Guest Photographer: AlienGoTravel

It’s been quite a long day for me. Feeling quite under the weather, I nearly dropped dead by the time the clock strikes 6pm. I intended to just stay at home for dinner but remembering that I’m supposed to head over to The Living Room at The Westin KL for their Ramadan 2015 buffet, I dragged myself out of the house reluctantly with my son and husband in tow.

Feeling rather weak, I wasn’t really in the mood to play photographer when I arrived at The Living Room, so I just handed my son his Nikon Coolpix S33 and told him to help me snap some photos, so ladies and gentleman, go easy on us this time if you feel that the photos is not like the usual quality. All the photos in this blog post is taken by my little boy with his Nikon Coolpix S 33 camera, sponsored by Nikon Malaysia. 😛

Neway, enough wasting time with preamble. Let’s talk about what The Living Room at The Westin KL have to offer for Ramadan 2015.

Shrewdly surveying the restaurant when I arrived, I have to admit that I’m quite impressed with their mouth- watering ‘Juadah Iftar’ spread. Rather promising as they are offering to indulge diners with a full Malaysian fare, showcasing and serving up traditional Malaysian dishes with over 15 live cooking stations.

 photo DSCN0556_zpsif96etxh.jpg

Roasted Whole Lamb with Westin Briyani Rice

 photo DSCN0554_zpsrtxhrbdk.jpg

Roasted Beef

 photo DSCN0562_zpspos1k2gu.jpg

All time Malaysian favourite, especially during Ramadan; Ayam Percik. These are sensational. The chicken was roasted to perfection while the gravy was rather creamy and rich.

 photo DSCN0567_zpsxonzbgop_edit_1435087621876_zpsxscyhpwg.jpg

Moving further in The Living Room, there’s their Chef’s recommendations, the all time Malaysian favourite mixed rice dish, the mamak’s Nasi Kandar. Yes. You are reading that right. They are offering Nasi Kandar, traditional curries and all. One would scorn why would one wants to have Nasi Kandar in a place like this when they can get the authentic ones at the regular mamak restaurant, but I assure you that this is a must try and not to be missed. They are as good at any mamak restaurants. I had two huge helpings of their Nasi Kandar myself, and that alone speaks volumes.

Here’s what their Nasi Kandar section showcased:

 photo PhotoGrid_1435088500368_zpsxge9daiw.jpg

Assorted ‘gulai kandar’.

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Gulai Kandar Ayam

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Gulai Kandar Daging

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Gulai Kandar Kambing


Sambal Telur


Assorted fried ‘lauk’ as your Nasi Kandar side dishes.

 photo DSCN0563_zpslv5yaqcm.jpg

Telur Ikan Goreng

 photo DSCN0564_zpsawjcfxor.jpg

Tenggiri Goreng

 photo DSCN0566_zpsptcfu2mk.jpg

Ayam Goreng

 photo DSCN0565_zpsijq38ell.jpg

Sotong Goreng

 photo DSCN0574_zpsqd2f60rm.jpg

Kobis Goreng

 photo DSCN0568_zpscb4oubf3.jpg

Acar Nanas

 photo DSCN0580_zpsdmayyoir.jpg

And what’s Mamak fare without the favourite rotis? The Living Room is also indulging the diners with roti canai, roti telur and roti bom.

 photo DSCN0577_zpswjlwzcyp.jpg

Roti Bom

 photo DSCN0578_zpsosef5424.jpg

Roti Telur

 photo DSCN0579_zpsfgdsb572.jpg

Roti Canai. Again, you might wonder why would we want to go for these when we could just get it from our neighbourhood mamak stall, but trust me, these rotis are different. Instead of the regular cheap cooking oil being used to make the rotis, these are kneaded and cooked with premium butter and fresh cooking oil instead of the recycled ones in those regular mamak restaurants, resulting in buttery and flaky pastries. The rotis paired perfectly with dhal curry, but the assorted kandar curries goes well with them too.

 photo DSCN0600_zpsls1pvm6n.jpg

Apart from the Mamak fare, there’s a bit of Middle Eastern goodies here too. This live action stall offers Chicken Shawerma.

 photo DSCN0603_zpso0p0mcfp.jpg

Roti John stall

 photo DSCN0601_zpsrhstsit6_edit_1435091714412_zpsrrwwriem.jpg

Roti John

 photo DSCN0602_zpsdikznocf.jpg

Hotdog Bun

 photo DSCN0606_zpsrgdnyovx.jpg

Chicken Rice Stall offering delicious chicken rice and condiments is also available here.

 photo DSCN0605_zpspujpvxxp.jpg

A modest selection of fried dimsum

 photo DSCN0639_zpsjlhnsuxm.jpg

And wonderful news for the fans of Melaccan Satay celup. The Living Room is also offering Satay Celup here in their Ramadan buffet spread.

 photo DSCN0649_zpsdipcsyhj.jpg

These mouthwatering skewered items goes very well with peanut sauce, but this time around I went with the sweet sauce ala Lok Lok instead.

Moving on to the ‘Daily Treat’ Room, we discovered quite a treasure in the form of fruits, desserts and even popcorn booth.

 photo DSCN0611_zpshxjur3vg.jpg

Ais Kacang stall

 photo DSCN0615_zpsmqu9rq4r.jpg

Assorted freshly cut fruits

 photo DSCN0617_zpsisa7afrb_edit_1435093712691_zps3jacsdcm.jpg

Seasonal tropical fruits

 photo DSCN0622_zpsgzbwuvye.jpg

Assorted cakes

 photo DSCN0628_zpsiuxwz9eq.jpg

The cakes will surely satisfy those who have sweet tooth.

 photo DSCN0629_zpshok9rror.jpg

Nyonya kuih can also be found at the dessert section.

 photo DSCN0620_zpsloiylyrp.jpg

Chocolate fountain and assorted items for dipping.

 photo DSCN0612_zps34ixvtpr.jpg

Chocolate sticks

 photo DSCN0614_zpszhgpsuud.jpg

Sweets and gummies

 photo DSCN0631_zpsyy6ppuy7.jpg

Ice cream section featured an interesting ice cream based dish, which is deep fried ice cream.

 photo DSCN0652_zpsfj88hvhl_edit_1435095944556_zps4qi8il8d.jpg

Deep Fried Ice Cream. Definitely not something that you would want to miss if you are a fan of sweet stuff. I’m not quite a fan of sweet stuff unless I’m all stressed up or under pressure, so I passed this to my son and he adored this to bits and to say that he polished this off within minutes is an understatement.

Overall, The Living Room is offering quite a wonderful indulgence for Ramadan and guess what? You could bring the experience back home by getting their raya cookies as gifts.

A selection of 6 deliciously wholesome homemade hari raya cookies is sold at the lobby. Check out the flavours offered:

* Chocolate Chips Cashew Nut Cookies
* Cinnamon and Black Pepper Cookies
* Hawaiian Coconut Cornflake Cookies
* Classic Almond Florentine Cookies
* Lemon Poppy Seed Cookies
* Gluten-free Shortbread Cookies

‘Juadah Iftar’ is available from 18th June to 15th July 2015.

RM118nett per adult from 18th June to 26th June 2015

RM148nett per adults and RM74nett per child from 27th June to 15th July 2015.

15% discount is available for group booking with a minimum of 20 diners while SPG members enjoy 20% discount on total food bill.

For further information please visit www.thewestinkualalumpur.com.

Reservation is highly recommended by calling Westin Dining on 03-27738338 or via email: [email protected]

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