Sand, Sea and Sky

If you’re expecting me to post up a picture of me wearing a tiny polka dot bikini while frolicking in the pool like some giggly school girl, then you will be sorely disappointed. I’m a swimmer… I practically swim every week and wearing a swim wear is something very normal to me. It’s nothing special and therefore, I don’t think it’s for public’s view either. (Anyway, I’m darn skinny, so there’s no flesh and cleavage to show either)

I’m very into outdoor things. One of the things that I did during my ‘honeymoon’ in Batu Feringghi Beach Penang is this:

You know what this thing is? It is a chute…. It enables me to parasail.

Parasailing, also known as parascending is a recreational activity where a person (or two) is towed behind a boat while attached to a specially designed parachute. The boat then drives off, carrying the parascender into the air.

See the pic up there? That’s not me and my husband, but me and my son. We went up there when my husband was not around. (The man is protective of us, he probably won’t allow us to fly anyway. Kakakaka) LOL! Yeah… I’m a crazy mum… I may be strict with the boy, but I allowed him to try this with me.

Well… the boy takes after his mum. He’s quite a daredevil, and he enjoyed every single bit of the moments during our parasailing session. He even asked me for a second round, in which I told him, it’s too expensive for seconds. TSK.

The ride cost me Rm45, a discounted rate from Rm60 per ride. Quite an amount of money to me, considering that the ride merely last around 10 minutes, but I am glad that the boy broke my record. I first tried this when I was 8 years old, but my boy tried this when he’s not even 6 years old yet. 😀


Cleffairy: For what it’s worth, I’m glad that the boy takes after me in some ways. He have my genes after all.



  1. says: dating forum

    I’m pretty adventurous… u ask me to go on such a thing, I’ll say, “Bring it on!”. LOL… neway, it was worth my money. Good memories, good time. My dad let me go up there when I was 8 years old, and now I do the same for my boy. I think it’s kinda cool… 😀

  2. fatty oldman says:

    im phobia of height but i dont mind try this…next weekend i wil b in kl so u treat me for parasailing ok? haha

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