Satelite TV versus Free TV

I wonder how many of you out there are paid TV or satellite TV subscribers? I’m not a couch potato. I’m more to a workaholic who would prefer to sit in front of the PC working on my novels and whatnot instead of watching TV.

Apart from that, I’m also a little bit of a control freak. I like to be in control. The idiot box does not give me much control over things because I cannot control what’s being aired and I also cannot control those annoying advertisements.

Yes, I don’t fancy watching TV, especially the free TV whose funded by the local government. There’s simply too much ads, too much propaganda by the local government during election season, infested with re-runs of the old shows or movies and too much censorship on romantic dramas.

The free TV have terrible quality control, I must say, and it’s quite a nightmare for me to sit in front of the TV and tune into those free channels. They’re liable to give me hypertension.

I may not like watching TV and can definitely do without tuning in for a couple of months consecutively, but then again, every now and then, I do like the idea of sitting back on the old couch and indulge myself in a movie session or two over a bowl of buttered popcorns.

The only way for me to enjoy watching the idiot box is to subscribe to paid TV. Paid TV or  satellite TV is completely a different species from the free TV. It’s free from the local government’s propaganda campaigns, proper rating system for adults and children alike, minimal advertisements and most importantly, free of repeated old movies/shows re-runs.

Paid TV, to me, is a pure bliss. It’s something I can really call a home entertainment. It’s something I can enjoy without feeling annoyed.

Unfortunately, unlike my American counterparts, the customer service of paid TV in my country is terrible. I’ve heard of horror stories from paid TV users in my country, and frankly speaking, their testimonials does not exactly tempt me to subscribe their service.

My American counterpart is so lucky to have DISH Network. DISH Network is not only offering over 200 Satellite HD TV Channels packages, but they’re also customer oriented too. They aim to please and satisfaction is guaranteed. If you’re a Twitterer, you can follow them at Infinity DISH Twitter for current promotions and latest status updates.

Not a Twitterer but a Facebooker? Well then, fret not. They are on Facebook too. If you’re interested in subscribing to any of their services and want to know more about them, you can also ‘LIKE’ their DISH TV Facebook fanpage.

You can never go wrong when you communicate with your service provider via all these social networking sites. The response is much more visual and satisfying than calling up the hotline. It’s not only cost and time effective, but as you also get to see their latest promotion as soon as they’re ready to market it too.

Best part of all? You not only get satisfactory response from your service provider, but you can also make friends with other subscribers and exchange your views on movies and whatnot. Beat that. It’s like killing two birds with one stone.


  1. MRC says: real hookup sites australia

    The free TV have terrible quality control, I must say, and it’s quite a nightmare for me to sit in front of the TV and tune into those free channels. They’re liable to give me hypertension.

    =what a statement!! But it’s TV we grow up with – Dun forget the root LOL

    yeah of course given choice, Satellite TV is much better – you’re the controller of contents & whatnot that you want to watch!! New favorite observed : whatnot!!!

  2. Cheeyee says:

    No one in my house watch TV at home. The kids watch at school and my parents’ house. They only watch DVD at home. The TV at my house also cannot watch free TV. Hahaha.

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