Say no to violence against women.


Women are beautiful and delicate creature, originally born to be loved, respected and honoured. And yet, how many times have we heard, or seen women being degraded, violated and insulted just because they are weaker sex?

The news of women being violated can be seen every day on any form of communication medium, be it in the print or electronic. We see news of women from all age and skin colour getting raped by people that they trust, or people that they know every day. We also see wives being violated by their husbands just because they are women and their male counterpart had a mindset that women supposed to be submissive to their husbands.

Women are not slaves, and yet we cannot seems to erased the thinking that women nothing but a creature created by God to be used by men strictly for their pleasure in bed, for handling domestic chores as well as a punching bags when men are not satisfied with whatever went wrong in their daily lives and have the need to hit their women to release stress. Some man feels good and more masculine after hitting and violating the weaker sex over and over again, but the question here is, is this right? When a woman says no to being abused and violated, why is it her voices are deliberately ignored? Why can’t what the women said be heard? What is actually suppressing women’s voice all over the world?

In many part of the world, women are treated like a property. A property of men. When they are a child, they are the property of their father or any male relative if her father is already dead. Then they grew up and become an adolescent and when their family think that their age is right to be send away as someone’s wife, women get married and became the property of their husbands. When her husband died, she became a property of her son(s) or any living male relative’s property and she is expected to submit to their wimps just because she is of a weaker sex. Is this right, dear readers? Is this a right way to treat a women?

In some religion and society, women are taught not to express their pleasure in bed during their conjugal union(sex lah, people *roll eyes*). Women are expected to timidly lie down, and accept whatever her husband or partner wants to do to her and stare at the ceiling until it’s over. And so comes this question…is a woman made of flesh and blood and have feelings or she’s made of a log and wigs that she is expected not to express any feelings during her sexual intercourse?

In some countries, even Malaysia, girls who usually belongs to a Muslim families are expected not to express pleasure in bed when they grow up and become someone’s wife too. Yours truly said this because it’s a fact then when most of a Muslim baby girls are born, they are taken to a midwife who is experienced in performing the removal of clitoris and snip that part away. Some families may wait until the girl grew up to be three or four years of age to mutilate their genital. All of this are done because they believed that by doing so, the girl will not be able to achieve orgasms during her sexual intercourse. It signify ultimate control of men in bed over the woman in question.

And yet in truth, God apparently created the clitoris for the sole purpose of generating pleasure. It has no other purpose. There is no instructions in the Holy Quran or in the writings of the Prophet Muhammad which require that the clitoris be surgically modified. God must have approve of its presence. It should not be removed or reduced in size or function.The Quran promotes the concept of a wife being given pleasure by her husband during sexual intercourse. Mutilated genitalia reduces or eliminates a women’s pleasure during the act. So why the hell men are violating the rights of a woman by disallowing and denying her pleasure in bed? Does this make men more macho and masculine?

Women’s rights and women’s voice are being taken away from them ever since they are a child in most society. It is men who actually suppressed women’s voice everywhere by silencing them when they are still a child. This should be change, shouldn’t it? Women are actually your mother, your grandmother, your wife, your sister, your daughter. They are the people who play very important role in your lives. Without them, you will not be here reading this article. They are your family, and family members should be protected and not abused. Their voice should be heard, and not silenced! Respect and honour your mother, love and cherish your wife, protect your daughters and sisters. Let their voice be heard by listening to them. Say no to abuse and violence against women.

In the modern society, women not only play a role as your family member or your caregiver, they also play very important role in nation building. Modern women are quite liberated and capable in doing whatever men do. (heck, even our bank governor is a woman, without her signature on our ringgit, do you honestly think that the money you have in your wallet have any value?)They have career and contribute large sum of money to the country through income tax. By this fact alone, the society should start recognizing women’s contribution to the country and pay some respect to us women, and yet, everyday, we hear women being abused and violated as well as exploited. Stop violence against women. We are not living a a dark age anymore, so why should we continue to treat women as if we are living in that era?

Cleffairy: The hands that rocks the cradle, may shape the world.


  1. tangkup says:

    Dear Cleffairy. Very interesting and any level headed man should appreciate this article.

    To me women are beautiful, to be respected (their views, feelings, contribution to the family and country). I sincerely believe that genarally women are good economic indicators (they handle domestic affairs) and if the domestic front is badly managed, the family will always have unhappy, troubled and chaotic situations.

    In Malaysia, there certain communities, which are still adhering to and practising the feudalistic regime, where women are subjected to submission to men. We are in the globalised 21st century and we should be practising liberalism and equality. However, some men, who dont have any self confidence, will always practise the outdated feudalstic form of control over their women.

    Women, who are mortals and who have been given by God the same five senses of touch, smell, hear, see and taste, as their men counterpart, should be treated with high regards and respect. Why should girls be deprived of their “feel” sense, which is God given. What rights “man made religious rites” to remove the girls’ source of feelings? This is pure brutality, which should be condemned at all costs!!!

    This world will become a better place to live in, if all human beings (men and women), being magnificent creation of God, are left to live their lives based on the God given five (5) senses.

    I wouldn’t be in this world without my lovely mom (of cousre with the loving care of my father. God bless their souls. They are now in Heaven)

    Kudos to Women of the World.

  2. fergie says:

    Hi Clef .. koon kow pa liow ah? Aiya .. since God knows when people have been fighting for Children’s n Women’s Protection but what’s the result? These “cows” only know how to protect themselves and their wallets! Wasting our breath trying to get thru to them! They are soooooo DENSE!!!! Even my doggie is ore intelligent la!!!

  3. peteformation says:

    Yeah Cleff, I pity some of the women. It is not easy being a housewife, Real sad to see some of the women at the wet market have to carry loads and loads of food stuff for the family. Lucky ones have car, some of them have to take bus home with the heavy loads.
    Some more at night have to ‘service’ the husband lorrrr!

  4. Calvin says:

    respect your women…or for that matter, all women.

    if you read thru the papers, the ones who are like perverts and male chauvinists are mostly educated people. technology has put an end to civilisation, gentlemen wannabes are hypocrites and turned out to be rapists, serial killers and assholes.

    i for one, have a big respect for working women, or for that matter working mothers. one who has no time for herself but to take care of stupid, lazy husbands, cook for them and also care for the babies. i’m not being bias to men. being a man myself, i really cannot tolerate men hitting women.

    come on men!!!! they’re humans too. they’re not animals. they’re not your slave. girl power!!!!!

  5. Uncle Lee says:

    Hi, good posting….I recently posted about a woman being abused by her hubby.
    To me, its men who make or break laws and as well interpret Holy books according to their own ideals.

    Here in Canada, the lawa does not allow what you posted re a woman being operated on….thank goodness.
    Anyway….women should rise up and tackle these issues, go on strike, ha ha. Lee.

  6. cleffairy says:

    It’s been a pretty long weekend for me, so pardon the delayed reply, guys. πŸ˜€

    Tangkup, I think a very extreme chauvinist bastard would condemn my article, particularly this one. LOL. Indeed, women are beautiful, but to me, men and women are both beautiful, because men and women are both God’s creation. In a modern society, yeah, women are catalyst to nation building and development, but sadly some are still living in the dark age where women are seen as a lesser creature. Women’s voice are being taken away from them since they were a mere child, and because of this, most are scared to voice up their opinion against things that they disagree to. I hope that this world can be a better place for women and children around the globe, but I’m afraid that wouldn’t be possible, because in most countries, including Malaysia still practice those damned outdated feudalism form of control over women.

    I’ve heard of the practice of the cutting the clitoris of a child so that she will not be ‘consumed’ by passion when she grow up. It’s believed that by doing so,the girl would be easier to raise as her sexual desires would be suppressed, and the society would view her a ‘pure&clean’. But from what I’ve seen, such practice has done more harm than good, especially when it’s done on babies and children. Usually it’s performed without the presence of anesthetic, so, I think the act is more to cruelty. Nobody gives permission to the adults to perform such procedures, well, at least the child herself doesn’t consent to this, so what gives them the rights to take away the girl’s sexual sense? It’s an absolutely unnecessary procedure that’s done not because of medical purpose or need, but done because of some damned superstition and belief. you’re really right when you said women are beautiful, and why should an already beautiful creation be altered or modified in any ways? πŸ™

    Children are human too, they too, have rights on what should be done and what should not be done to their body. Children at the age of 4 or 5 can already remember what has been done to them, imagine the trauma. But I guess that’s the purpose of the whole thing, which is to inflict pain on women so that they will obey and be submissive to men. Maybe when I am free, I would write an article about this bloody practice. But, I can assure you, that it will be a hell of an article, cuz I condemn such practice.

    God bless your parents, Tangkup. I am sure they’re in a much better place now(well, seeing how the world goes these days, they are DEFINITELY in a better place)

    Fergie… LMAO. I slept liao lerr, when you commented. Cannot tahan liao, too tired and sleepy, really need a pigging break. I also dunno when people start fighting for the rights of women and children, and seeing how it’s like, even in the modern world, I think the fight would go til god knows when. Hahaha. Fergie, of course your doggie is more intelligent than those cows…cows do not think before they act, they never do. That’s why they end up on the plate more than doggies. But I’m not so sure if that’s the case in China. Those creeps eat digs man. how can they eat dogs? So cute. πŸ™

    Pete… it’s really not easy being a housewife. You have to run errand, take care of children, settle every damned chores before your bloody husband gets back, and when your husband comes home, you are expected to smile , serve him, and expected not to complain a bloody thing about your day and how bored you are with the routine. Sigh, if only I’m given a few wishes, one wish that I would request to be granted would be for every men in the world to be a woman for a couple of days, or weeks. The man would probably be crazy while being a woman, I tell you. LOL. πŸ˜›

    Calvin, I’ve seen your blog posting, and I definitely know that your mother raised you very well, because you grew up to respect and love women sincerely. My heart melted when I see your love towards your wife. Hahaha….good men who respect women are hard to come by. πŸ˜›
    Rachel is one of the lucky ones. I cannot tolerate men hitting women too. Such act is not macho… it’s an act of a coward. Only cowards picks on the weaker ones. Yeah, yeah, Girl power… I agree! Ahaha. (Darn, I feel like Power Puff Girls)

    Seng… hohoho…. your jie different, very ganas. Ahahaha…. didi is for bully wan ma….jie bully you means sayang wud. Just dare to bully you nia, other ppl jie don dare. Got eat mooncake liao anot? Tis boy, sure sleep thru mooncake festival. Or play game nia. πŸ˜›

    Pamina… you’re welcome, girl, you’re welcome. I feel good writing about it. Ahahaha.

    Uncle Lee… yeah, I’m gonna check out your blog soon. Sad to hear these kind of domestic violence. Wives are supposed to be loved, not abused. But I’m aware that some husbands are abused too, so I think domestic violence applies to both gender. Haha. I realized it too… mostly it’s men who interpret the holy books according to their own ideals. Not just in Islamic context, but Christians too.
    Just look at what happened to Joan of Arc? She was put to death because she claimed that God ‘talk’ to her. They killed her just because they believed that God only talked to men, and not women. She died because the men believed that she’s somewhat devil possessed to claim that God talks to her. Men had claim that God only talk to men, thru a Pope especially, but how true is this? To me, they are just trying to stop Joan’s influence on the people…the men had felt threatened by her power over people, hence put her to death so that no other women would gain such power. These sort of things are still ongoing, even in the modern world.

    Thank God in your place the law does not allow such procedures….but back in Malaysia, it’s practiced widely and discreetly among most Muslim families, and worst part is, there’s no law against such acts. I would have come up with a Bill against mutilation of female genitals if I’m in legislative line, unfortunately, I’m not. Maybe one day, when I am an influential women, I would do something about this so that such practice can be stopped for good. After all, it’s done more harm than good to children. Some even died of infubilation. πŸ™

  7. AnGeL says:

    Well done. I notice u never once use ‘I’ in this article. You used ‘We’ instead. Lizzy, you must have really wanted to voice up what other women wanna say.

  8. cleffairy says:

    Hi Kikey. I’ve heard of the practice for some time now, but this kind of thing is something that I do not wish to hear anymore. Not many of us heard about it because it’s done so discreetly in most society.

    Kevin, yeah… they removed the clitoris because they believe that the girls would be less aroused during sexual intercourse…but the truth is, even by removing the clitoris, the girl still have the same sexual desires as the ones who still retains it. What is the point of having a girl less vulnerable to sexual arousal when in most society women are subjected to rape and violence every now and then? This practice is quite cruel, I must say. I was told that when it was performed, anesthetics were never use so that the girl would ‘remember’ her journey to become a ‘true woman’, and the baby/girl were held down by a few women to prevent her from trashing about.

  9. Project Gossip says:

    Hi there, thanks for linking us and writing something about what we do in your blog! it really means a lot when there are people who see things the way we do as well. really hope that we can see you at the 3-days event. let us know, if you do. we would love to meet you.

  10. cleffairy says:

    Project Gossip, it’s a pleasure for me to promote a charity event. I hope with this GOssip Project, more people will be aware of women’s rights in the future. I’ve been looking forward to the actual event, but I haven’t decide which one to go yet. But most probably I’ll be attending one of the GO event. Either Go Away or GO Safe.


  11. KevinP says:

    Clef, you see their idea of making a girl less easily aroused is in the hope that they are less sexual in nature which has been debunked as “inaccurate” but well, maybe they get the kick out of snipping…..

  12. cleffairy says:

    Vern, firstly it’s because I haven’t obtain any ticket for the GO Celebrate. Ahaha… cuz when I went to Bukit Bintang Maybank, nobody was there for the roadshow and after around 1 hour over there, I was told that it was canceled because they Gossip Team did not get the permit to do roadshow over there. Secondly, I’m not so sure if I can make it for GO Celebrate, cuz I volunteer in orphanages during the weekends. I’m gonna have to reschedule with the orphanage if I want to go for GO Celebrate. If I have the ticket, den only I can reschedule, otherwise I’ll be disappointing some poor kids. πŸ˜€

    Kevin… o.O they get a kick out of snipping? OMG… but without the clit, it’s hard for women to achieve orgasm during sexual intercourse…hmmm…not much men spend time in bed romancing their wife til she scream like a mad woman on bed, you know? (especially those who comes from very conservative background…sex is like err.. a chore to them) Whahaha… damn… what the hell am I saying? =.=

  13. amoker says:

    Yeah, I am a man but i champion women’s right. It irritates me sometimes when i meet some ladies who allowed to be ‘used’. Of course, I spoke up few times for Muslim ladies over the net .. and ‘pious’ man and even woman came and accuse me of being liberal, dun talk-if-dun-understand-islam. Whatever la.. u decide where u want to go with your life and I will respect others who have better plans.

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