The Return of Master Yoda

Written by: Cleffairy Lucas

Long long time ago, in a galaxy far far away, the Jedi Council is having trouble keeping peace in the galaxy. In the time of crisis, there’s an old Padawan, known as AhmaMooMoo and he belongs to the New Jedi Order, one of the component party under the Jedi Council. The overgrown Padawan seems to be controlled by the dark forces, causing him to sputter obnoxious words about the aliens who do not share the same species as him. The dark side is rapidly infiltrating the Jedi Council and The New Jedi Order. Racial sentiments between the aliens are getting stronger by the day, due to the doings of that particular Padawan.

AhmaMooMoo had belittled other aliens who are also Padawans in the Jedi Council. Consequently, the Jedi Council is split into fraction, one strongly supporting the asshole of a Padawan’s actions while the rest condemn his actions. The ones who do not support the Padawan had threaten to leave the council, causing headache to the new leader of the Jedi Council, Master Sleepylala.

The Padawan, AhmaMooMoo was too powerful, and Master Sleepylala could do nothing but suspend him from participating in any Jedi Council’s meeting for 3 years to prevent him from spreading anymore bitter and ill feelings among all of the aliens in the galaxy. AhmaMooMoo vowed that he will make a comeback after the 3 years is over, and he swear that he will be stronger than ever.

AhmaMooMoo’s statement and the conflicting Jedi Council worries one of the Padawan in the New Jedi Order. The name of this Padawan is Muyyi Skywalker. He knew that the Dark Force is invading and trying to divide the Jedi Council and slowly destroy them before they rule the entire galaxy. He knew that Master Sleepylala is not strong enough to handle the threat, and Muyyi Skywalker realized that if he did not do anything about the Dark Force invading, soon, the Jedi Council would be beyond saving, and the worst part of it, the damage would be collateral and the Jedi Council and its’ New Jedi Order could never be revived to maintain peace and order in the galaxy.

Muyyi Skywalker could only think of one person who could possibly ward off the Dark Forces that is invading, which is his old master, Master Yoda. As you all probably know, Master Yoda finally left the corrupted Jedi Council that he founded because he felt that his voice no longer mean anything to the new Jedi Order after he hand over his power to his handpicked successor, Master Sleepylala.

The ungrateful Master Sleepylala had turn almost everyone in The jedi Council against Master Yoda, and that is probably why Master Yoda was so ticked off and left his beloved Jedi Council. Master Yoda simply refused to return to the Jedi Order until Master Sleepylala step down or have been put to sleep.

So, Muyyi Skywalker traveled high and low on his airship, and seek out Master Yoda who is living in seclusion. He begged Master Yoda to return to Jedi Council so that he could offer his voice once again and bring back unity in the Jedi Order so that they can protect the galaxy from the great galactic conqueror, Darth Vader .

Master Yoda who had been living in seclusion apparently have been keeping up with the updates about The Jedi Council through the Intergalactic Internet, and he was not pleased with the way things are going in the Jedi Council. He knew that once Darth Vader manage to overthrow Master Sleepylala, the first thing that Darth Vader is going to do is probably take revenge on him. He knew that Darth Vader is a vengeful person, and he’ll definitely take revenge on Master Yoda for causing him to live in exile for so many years.

After giving a thought on what Muyyi Skywalker had said, Master Yoda decided to return to the Jedi Order and try very hard to bring back unity within, but can Master Yoda’s return to the Jedi order could possibly make any difference to the already crumbling Jedi Council? Is it too late, as the damage that had been done seems to be irreversible, and the citizens of the Galaxy has lost trust in the Jedi Council’s ability in maintaining peace and prosperity.

Will the coward Sleepylala step down so that a new leader who is more capable leading the Jedi Council replace him so that the credibility of Jedi Council will finally be restored? Will Darth Vader succeed in his plan to take over the galaxy? Or will Master Yoda’s return would be useless because Darth Vader would eventually take over the entire galaxy and kick his butt anyway? After all, the power thirsty Darth Vader seems to be very determined to take over the galaxy. Will peace finally be prevailed or galactic war will unavoidably ensues?

Cleffairy: Welcome to the Dark Side. Whahahaha…. 😛 (Sorry for this rubbish. I can’t sleep, took too much caffeine. I’ll try to come out with other article tomorrow when I’m less ‘nutty’)


  1. says:

    AhmaMooMoo might be bribed by the Chancellor Anwadin, in order to brake the Jedi council to gain his ruling power as the Emperor of the galaxy.

    But from what I see, Chancellor Anwadin’s plan did not go smoothly as Master Sleepylala had knew Chancellor Anwadin’s plan, coz Master Sleepylala has sent 49 of his Jedi to Planet Tywon to received a so called special training on using the power of the force, which it is only to avoid Chancellor Anwadin to have chance to convince them to join the Dark Side.

  2. cleffairy says:

    Garfield, I have thought of that too. If AhmaMooMoo was not bribed, why the hell is he so stubborn and so defiant? Die die oso dunwan to apologize.

    Anyway, Anwadin is flying to Planet Tywon and approach those Jedi so that he will be able to persuade them to join the Dark Side. Now with Master Yoda’s return, I am not sure if the Dark Side will be able to get rid of Master Sleepylala. Master Yoda is quite a strong character, I must say. He’s very cool in fighting. You should have seen him zinggg and swoosh around with his lightsabre. Master Yoda really have stamina, considering his age! LOL. 😛

  3. fergie says:

    Si lo .. cham lu pun join the Dark Side ah? Anyway, May the Force be with you, Clef. Wanna learn about “bola” just join Kevin & meself .. gotta be after Saturday’s game tho. For now I wish you a happy day.

  4. cleffairy says:

    LOL… Fergie, can’t beat em, must join em lorr… *sigh* I was so blur when I wrote that article… haha. Dunno whether i am capable of learning or not. Wait the bola watch me instead. 😛

    You have a happy weekend too. 😀

  5. KevinP says:

    This is a gem… hahaha… but now I will be rooting for Darth Vader to crush the feeble, u-turn prone, forked tongue, lying and good for nothing Jedi Council.

    Next up, you see Darth Vader sending his entourage led by Commander TiChua to negotiate with a bunch of Council members to secede power to Darth Vader who promised to unite and crush the spineless Jedi Council led by Master Lala. Lord Mayoda may find that his powers have waned and that the force is no longer with him and that he realized he has to flee to planet Naboo-we to reunite with his fellow Master Obiwan Mugabe.

  6. Calvin says:

    todate, master yoda still has a strong presence in the jedi council and the population at large. muyyi skywalker has always been a “yes” man all this while and since he has no power in the council, he has but no choice seek refuge under master yoda’s ketiak busuk. the re-calling of master yoda into the council would obviously spark enmity among his faithful followers with mt sleepylala cronies. or maybe mr sleepylala’s henceman would turn back to master yoda. the political unrest saga will go on and the economy of the supreme planet will still be jeopardy. darth vader on the other hand, i think would fold his arms being who he is and let everything crumble.

  7. cleffairy says:

    Kevin, yea, yea, I heard too…Darth Vader send 5 of his apprentice to lure those Jedi who are learning on how to plant trees in Planet Tywon to the Dark Side. I wonder if those Jedi will leave the force and join the dark side? Damn, I wish I can time travel like Doraemon…den I’ll be able to see what will happen and can see toto result too. Ahahahaha).
    Honestly, I’m very sick with Master Sleepylala. Each time I see his hypocrite face on tv, I feel like puking my dinner out! :-(. Actually I dun really like the Darth to rule the galaxy, but I have no other choice, because Master Sleepylala really disgust me!

    Calvin, I’m quite aware of the old master’s influence, but I’m just not sure if his presence will make any difference. Sleepylala is still snoring somewhere in his dreamland, thinking that he is the most powerful of all, and refused to listen to any opinion and advice on how to save the crumbling Jedi Council.

    Amoker, they captured King Petro so that he will shut up. let’s just see how long they try to ‘shut him up’ this time? Even if he shut up, they can’t possibly shut up the rest of the world from expressing their opinion.

    Garfield…he captured and locked up in under Intergalaxy Security Act today. If the words have no truth, why the hell are they so afraid? The things King Petro wrote probably hold more truth than the words that those scum who dare to call themselves protectors and leaders of the galaxy.If they want to stop people from spreading words, they probably would need to close down all eating place in the galaxy. 😛

  8. tangkup says:

    This Master Yoda may not be accpeted by the Jedi Council because I believe Sleepylala is now fully awaken by MuyyiSkywalker. Sleepylala should immediately sack MuyyiSkywalker so that Master Yoda wont have any friend within the JediCouncil.

    If, at all, Master Yoda is accepted because Fatmama Rafid will go all out to supprot the re entry of Master Yoda n2 the JediCouncil,I believe there will be war within the JediCouncil because Sleepylala will not tolerate Master Yoda. So Sleepylala and Master Yoda “akan bercakar dan JediCouncil akan berceraiberai”..LOL

    Sleepylala, will now, have sleepless nights, planning how to prevent the re entry of Master Yoda into his monopolised JediCouncil. Looks like C4 is also having sleepless nights cos Master Yoda, Tekuli+MuyyiSkywalker have an unfathomed agenda..kak..kak..kak.

    In addition the Garison Empis in Toywon, who are learning how to grow trees and develop compos for our gardens to beautify beloved Malaysia, are now in limbo cos PE AR’s spies are now in Toywon trying to catch them and bring them back to Malaysia to celebrate together the “Birthday of Malaysia on 16 September”.

    “Happy Birthday Malaysia on 16 September”

  9. cleffairy says:

    Tangkup…yea, I have sneaky suspicion that Master Yoda’s opinion may not be accepted by the Jedi council too. Actually, all of this happen because they are paranoid of 916 to happen… proving that their leadership really lack credibility, seeing that the Jedi Council is struggling to gain power over everyone. 🙁

    Sleepylala will not tolerate Master Yoda, however, I have sneaky suspicion that master Yoda will be very persistent in his effort to bring Sleepylala to the ground and replace him with Tekuli or Muyyi Skywalker, who he seriously thought have more credibility in running the Jedi Council smoothly. But, we have seen him judge people pretty badly, after all it’s his mistake that he made Sleepylala his successor. Actually to get rid of Sleepylala and Darth Vader, another council that is not related to The Dark Side or the Jedi Council should be form. We need a clean leadership that is capable to bring us out of all of this nonsense. I’m kinda sick with both, Jedi Council and the Dark Side, that is!

    Anyway, up to date, the Empis managed to escape from the spies to Planet Huangkong. The Empis are jeering at the spies for being trapped in extreme bad weather in Planet Tywon, and the spies couldn’t possible fly out of the wretched planet anytime soon. The 916 date is coming soon, will they be able to go back to their homeland to celebrate it together and successfully dethrone Sleepylala? Looks like we have to stay tune to the next installment of the Dark Side vx. Jedi Council. LOL. 😛

  10. tangkup says:

    Cleffairy dont be disheartened if Dark Side install..ment doesnt happen as predicted.

    It looks like a master Fengshui has predicted that 920 is a much better day for the Dark Side Install..ment rather than 916. At the predicted 920 time frame, the Agong as CIC will be back from the “Suci Land” after performing the umrah and all the Empis are also back to “Boleh land”, after their fleeting agricultural trainings covering both Toywon and Planet Huangkong. This means that all of us are in “Boleh Land” for the celebration of the Dark Side Install..ment. LOL

    In the mean time let sleepylala, c4, master yoda, tekuli, muyyiskywalker, fatmama rafid etc etc, make a lot of noises and commotions so that the Dark Side Install..ment will become unnoticed and happen peacefully.

    “Selamat Menyambut Harijadi Malaysia pada 916 ataupun 920”

  11. cleffairy says:

    Hmm…heard there’s many rumours circulating about violence will erupt between the Jedi Council and the Dark Side this 916. Should we stock up food and lock ourselves up so that we will not be a victim of malice? 😛

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