Semarak Pertiwiku Musical Promotes The Importance of Integrity

Approaching the public through the arts has long been the MACC’s work. Earlier in October 2017, the MACC in collaboration with the Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka and Aswara released a piece entitled ‘Bahara Emas’. Through this masterpiece, messages were conveyed to the audience about the ravages of greed and corruption.

This year, Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) in collaboration with the Ministry of Tourism Arts and Culture through the Istana Budaya’s Fakulti Seni Gunaan dan Kreatif Universiti Malaysia Sarawak
(UNIMAS), presented a theater entitled the ‘Semarak Pertiwiku’ to promote the importance of integrity as its main subject.

Directed by Muhammad Azri Ali, with Project Director Abdul Walid Ali, Artistic Director Muhammad Qawiem Bin Hamizan and Music Director, Iran Musodiq, this theater performance also employs the caliber of actors in delivering important messages that are sought to convey in the entertainment medium.

Highly acclaimed actor Ungku Ismail has been tasked with the dramatic role alongside with Sherie Merlis in mobilizing Semarak Pertiwiku with other cast members including Anding Indrawani and Taufik Hanafi.

“Semarak Pertiwiku are in line with the government’s desire to eradicate corruption. It is also a theater about fostering integrity and definitely good educate the public on corruption especially among civil servants in an artful way” said its director Muhammad Azri Ali.

According to Anding Indrawani, one of the cast member of Semarak Pertiwiku, he hopes that Semarak Pertiwiku will bring aspiration to every member of the public, including civil servants to be of high integrity.

” I believe it will also foster the spirit of patriotism and create a prosperous, peaceful and prosperous life. We decided to use the Sarawak dialect because we want to showcase the beauty of the language to arts lovers all over Malaysia, and the world as well” said Anding Indrawani.

Semarak Pertiwiku discloses the greed of contractors in pursuit of wealth to accumulate wealth and thus sparked a corruption scandal behind the secrets of acquiring a mega project.

A scene in Semarak Pertiwiku showing how greed can be terribly sinister.

The dark side of corrupted business is featured in surprisingly light and humorous tone in Semarak Pertiwiku.

Semarak Pertiwiku will be on show from 30-31 January 2020 at Panggung Sari, Istana Budaya. According to the initial plan, 2 slots will be held in the evening and 1 (one) at night. Admission are free with special invitations via civil servants and SPRM stakeholders who have collaborated throughout 2019 on various corruption preventive projects.

There will also be informative exhibits by MACC in Istana Budaya during the period of the show.

For more information on Semarak Pertiwiku or tickets requests please contact the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) at 013 399 5467.

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