Sequin Pink Bible

Can’t seems to get your stubborn little girls to stop reading fiction nonsense and fairy tales and can’t seems to make them have even a little bit interest in reading the word of God?

Well, fret not, this Sequin Pink Bible is just the thing you need to at least get your stubborn, worldly girls to have interest in biblical studies.

Bible seems to be boring to most girls… but you ought to tell  your little girls that bible are full of interesting stories on beautiful and strong women like Queen Esther in the Book of Esther, Ruth and Baoz, Queen of Sheba, etc, and getting them to be interested in doing so can be easier with this beautiful bible.

Bible description:

A fun sparkly and shiny Bible for little girls embellished with sequins…Cute to carry and easy to read!

A full sized Bible in the International Children’s Bible® translation, the Bible kids can read and understand! This adorable Bible is bound in floral fabric and embellished with shiny sparkly sequins! The cover will invite other little girls to ask “what kind of Bible is that?” and the owner can show her sparkly shiny Bible, thus sharing the “light” of Jesus. Inside, the Bible will have four sweet full color presentation pages in the front, a dictionary/concordance in the back, and the full texts of the Old and New Testaments.

Now your little girl can enjoy having a fun sparkly Bible to take to church and Sunday School.


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