Shhhh…. Don't talk to strangers or follow them…

How many times have we heard parents advising their young children not to talk to strangers for the fear of the strangers having bad intentions towards their children? I bet this “Don’t talk to strangers” advice by parents have been heard by most countless times.

As a child, I used to hear my parents drill this particular advice into my thick skull almost every day before I go to kindergarten or to school. I used to roll my eyes when they told me the same thing over and over again, as I thought it’s silly of them to constantly remind me of what I knew over and over again but thinking back, I couldn’t blame them for nagging, because no parents would want their children to get kidnapped, rape or even murdered as a result of their friendliness towards strangers.

As time goes by and I grew up, my parents stopped giving this piece of advice that I used to consider as a nuisance and absolutely unnecessary. As children grew up, most parents, like my own parents, stopped giving this piece of advice and leave the judgment on whether their children would like to talk or make acquaintance with people that they do not know to themselves.

As adults, we often have to socialize and make acquaintance with strangers. Be it our clients that we never met before, newly introduced business partners or investors or even people whom we met on the street. As adult who are capable of making decision that benefits us as well as the ability to defend ourselves just because we’re ‘older’, ‘wiser’ and ‘stronger’, we tend to forget that not all strangers are nice and have no bad intention towards us. Some strangers are pure bastards and fuckers.

We’re less aware of the dangers that might befall us in comparison to children who would eyed strangers from head to toe first before they consider if it’s really necessary to talk to a certain strangers who passed by to ask them simple questions.

After reading some of the comments posted by one of my commenter who called himself ‘A Man’ regarding to his sexual preference towards women with long hair as well as his mentioning of one night stand, it reminds me of my brief eavesdropping during the recent midnight tea session with my husband and his friend. I have forgotten of the importance of not talking or the dangers of being overly friendly with strangers until I ‘accidentally eavesdropped’ on the people who were having tea on the table opposite of mine. I have forgotten that there are always bastards walking around us who can’t wait to take advantage on people that they just met.

I was silently enjoying my cuppa tea with my husband and his friend at a cafe when a group of loudmouthed asshole with the manners and language of a drunken sailor arrived and occupied the table opposite of mine. Looking closely, I recognize two of them as bloggers who often shared their sexual rendezvous with various women they picked up at the club or discos each weekends on their blog site.

I will not mention the link of their blog here for security reason, but it’s sufficient to say that these bastards had shamelessly shared on how to pick up women, spike their drinks as well as how to make their erection last as long as possible so that they could have fun all night long with a couple of witless woman or underage girls. If what they wrote in their blog is true then their sexual escapades were usually one night stand and no strings attached. While most that they bedded were willing partners who wants to have sexual pleasure with them for one night, there are some, I suspect, are victims of drug and had non-consensual sex with these men while they are high on the substance. When they woke up the morning after, everything is just too late.

I was annoyed and uninterested with their loud conversation at first and I don’t give a damn on how immoral they want to live their life until two young girls, probably still in high school passed by the table. From the way these two girls look, observers would easily passed them as minors.

These two bastards let out wolf whistle towards the two girls, which I consider an utter disrespect towards women in general. I was half expecting the girls to be pissed with their action ignore them, but much to my surprise, these two girls were not displeased with their wolf whistle. Instead, they seems to be pleased and took the whole whistle incident as a compliment instead. The girls giggled and whispered to each other coyly.

The guys took note of the girls’ reaction towards their flirtatious whistling. One of them stood up, and continued to flirt with the girls and invited them for a drink at their table. As the girls gratefully took their seat, as if they were waiting for such invitation to be extended to them, one of the guys took liberty to order drinks from the waiter who passed by the table without even asking the girls their drinking preference.

The drinks were served to them after a couple of minutes, and the guys started to ask the girls on their personal details, such as age, name, contact numbers and where they live. Giggling, the girls supplied the answers to their question. I was right about the girls, they were minors. The girls are schoolmates aging 15 and 16 years respectively, just finished tuition class, if I’m not mistaken.

To be honest, I almost choked on my tea when I heard their conversation. Those girls were so easy to supply personal information about themselves. Do they not know the dangers of doing so with people they just met? Don’t they know that it’s dangerous to loiter around during midnight that way?

When I was their age, my parents had a curfew where I had to be be home before 7.30pm, and any later than that time, if I wanted to go out, I will be escorted by either my father or mother. My safety and virtue was closely guarded when I was their age. Silently, I wondered if their parents are aware of their whereabouts, as at that time, the clock will soon strike 12 midnight in a few minutes. Were their parents too busy to care where their daughters go at that ungodly hour? They are after all, teenagers, no less.

While I was busy musing about their ignorance as well as their parents, I caught one of the guys putting his hand on the girls lap and rubs on suggestively. My eyes went round at the sight of this and half expected that the girl in question would slap his hand away, but again, I was wrong. She did not. What shocked me to the core was what happened next, which is the guy nuzzled the girl slightly as he whispered something into her ears. She then nod shyly as she blushed.

After a while, the guy announced to his friend, who was talking to the other girl that he’s bringing the girl for a joy ride and then maybe will bring her back to his apartment so that he can ‘show her around’. The guy then asked his friend and the other girl if they would like to join him. Grinning, his friend’s reply was he’d prefer to give the two of them privacy to do whatever they wanted to do, and he’s pretty sure that he’ll manage to keep himself ‘occupied’ that night. Now, I don’t know where he brought the girl to and what they did together that night, but I’m quite sure that it’s quite illegal, seeing the whole episode earlier, where the girl had mention that it’s weekend and she have no plan to go home early. She did mention in her earlier conversation that the night is still young and she wants to have some fun. The guy, on the other hand were willing to show her some ‘fun’.

The guy probably spin her for a ride in his car and most probably brought her back to his apartment later and persuade her to have one night stand with him. They maybe had sex, and maybe not, but generally speaking, there’s a lot of cases like this where girls cried rape when things turn sour. The girl in question may be a willing partner in the whole situation, but I wonder if she really thought it over and would not regret it later in her life.

News where a girls claimed that they had been rape after things turn sour after their dates will never run out with young girls behaving this way. They may consent to whatever was acted upon them, but once they realize that they had lost virginity, nude pictures being taken or sexual act being recorded, they would make a huge fuss about it.

The question here is, why did they not think before they act? Why do these girls did not take caution when dealing with strangers but throw themselves to the strangers instead? Why do they easily follow people who they just met? Aren’t they aware of the dangers that may befall them by practicing such friendliness towards strangers?

While I am fully aware that this is modern era where women are quite liberated and usually handled themselves in an outgoing manner, I would like to stress that whatever we do, there’s a limit and borders to it. I can’t believe that I’m saying this, but I would like to remind young ladies out there who dare to do whatever they wish to be careful, and not to get too involved with strangers that they just met. Please do not follow men that you just know at wimp, as their intention is not always honorable. You may say I’m conservative, but let’s just say this is a friendly reminder from a woman who is concern for her fellow women’s well being and safety. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Cleffairy: Shhh… don’t be too friendly with strangers…they take ‘candies’ from babes!


  1. australian older dating agency says:

    I was playing badminton yesterday and was not doing well. Told my mom that perhaps it is the lack of sleep. Am having insomnia for about 3 weeks now. She suggested that the probable cause is that I had too much sex. I said, perhapts not at all. And she wondered that since I am staying alone in a different town, why not take advantage of the flexibility?

    Some men are just evil and will take opportunity.

    btw, she is not my real mom but my good friend who is much older. 🙂

  2. calvin says:

    can only blame on one thing….upbringing. parents to busy to care for them, too busy with work. just give them money to spend. lonely, easily persuaded by money and fame, glamour….or theyre just plain dumb and are always waiting for a chance for a one night stand. especially when they know that the one they’ll be sleeping with are so called “celebrities”. they’re no diff than a hooker….at least a hooker gets paid.

    amoker, yes, men are chikopeks, always on the move looking for a prey. esp those rich blardy bastards, but not all lar…..there’s no harm in admiring beauty. cant blame on the men only…those girls should know what they will be getting into. people touching and rubbing your lap does not mean that “hey, can i be your big brother, and no, i dont want to have sex with you”. *sigh* cannot comment too much on the post. just have to make sure i bring up my kids properly and not to indulge in this kinda activities.

  3. James says:

    Speechless..hope they get pregnant den those guy don’t take responsibilites..let them song 9 9.. So young oredi so horny..nowaday kids r just too stupid

  4. Vern says:

    It all starts with the little annoying things really – like those wolf-whistles by almost anyone, including those lorry drivers on the road – they’re everywhere! That, itself already shows disrespect towards women, and what disgusts me more is that some of these women actually respond! It’s a two-way thing really, sometimes to gain some respect from people we must first respect ourselves, no?

    Doesn’t matter how conservative or liberal people can be, at the end of the day, we all have to clean up our toys after playing – it’s just how messy things can end up that people hardly give thought to.

    Gee, I first met you through blogging, which means we were once strangers anyway. Haha!

  5. keatix says:

    hehehe, wow, these guys r really…emmmm….skillful. i hv been to parties, and i hv been to functions…but never pick up anyone. not, that i dont want to, juz dont hv the guts…lol….i dont think i will ever hv guts doing that, picking a girl up thru lines etc. but then again, i m glad, because most of the time, these girls easily picked up at joints or clubs r never really good friend material…i guess…hehe.

    nice read for my lunch. the cheese here is really good, and the ham too..but too much of these cheese really bores me to death. i need my dose of yue tarn fun or chapp farn or chinese rice based dishes………

    tok to u later ah jie.

  6. mimi says:

    hello Cleffairy,
    my cousins as young as 13 years old told me about their friends french-ing and love biting their boyfriends.i blame and everything else in the era we live in.

  7. cleffairy says:

    Amoker… your reply got me speechless for a while there. I was wondering why your mom were asking you to take advantage of the situation. LOL. Why are you having insomnia? This is quite bad, you know? I mean, I too have insomnia. My sleep cycle is like those of old folks where I only can sleep 4 hours a day during weekdays. I’m quite a light sleeper, and slight noise can wake me up from my slumber, and once I wake up after hours of tossing and turning in bed, I find it very hard to fall asleep again. 🙁 I also dunno what’s the problem. Sometimes, I wake up as early as 4am, and couldn’t go back to sleep. The lack of sleep too, gives me fatigue during the day. Walk around like zombie. 🙁 Argh, so susah!

    …Sometimes, when I see such things happen before my very eyes, I feel so bad for them. They may be enjoying themselves with the men now, but what if they regret it in the future and it’s too late? Fame and glory does not last forever, especially in cases like this…they did not think of the consequences… what if their nude pic were taken when they are unconscious and plastered all over the net or something? It’ll be too late to regret their actions then.I dunno if we can blame their parents for their attitude or not, because some really behave like a saint in front of their parents. Their parents also get duped. Eh, Calvin, what is chikopeks anyway? So funny wan the word. LOL.

    Seng arr… you don’t go and learn all this funny funny thing, you know? Not good wan. LOL. When you get involve with girls, make sure you really love the girl. 9jie long time never eat shark fin soup liao…lol) 😀 But jie really don’t hope they get pregnant, because when this kind of girls get pregnant, they will abort the baby wan, very kesian the baby. 🙁 These kind of people, treat their own kid also like rotten tooth liddat. Senang-senang go dentist to cabut! 🙁 If they abort onli nevermind, a lot of cases where they pregnant liao, give birth, den just throw the baby like some dirty rubbish. 🙁

    Vern, yea…in most cases things started with little things…wolf whistle and stuff. Sometimes, I really feel that some girls really have no respect for themselves for responding positively towards those action that shows utter disrespect towards women in general. Yes, we’re all strangers… but there’s a limit woward our friendliness towards strangers, right? If you’re a guy, I wouldn’t be so daring to go and talk to you the other day. If I were to meet strangers whom I know from the net, I usually make sure that I was escorted by a male relative, so that if someone tries to be fresh with me, that person definitely is asking for a good punch on the nose by my ‘bodyguard’ LOL.

    Ktx, better dun pick up girls liddat lorr… these girls, like you say, they are not really good friends material who will stand by you when you need their financial or moral support. This kind only want to have fun and dig in your wallet only. Also, we dunno what kind of disease they have. Dangerous ohh… Where are you anyway? Eating cheese and ham like there’s no tomorrow. LOL. I also want a bite. Hmm, since I cannot do much thing about your craving, why don’t you visit Pete’s blog and have your eyes feast on homecooked chinese based dishes. LOL.

    Mimi…. hihihi *waves* welcome to my humble blog. Thank you for visiting and commenting. Actually, I’m not so surprised to be told about girls around 13 frenching and giving hickeys to their boyfriends, cuz as of late, I learn about such thing from my younger sister about such ‘culture’ in high school. 🙁 Damn la, dunno what the hell is wrong with this world to be having girls as young as 13 to have foreplays and even loosing their virginity. When i was their age… hmm… what was I doing ah? I also got mix around with boys… but in a very different manner, definitely not intimate with boys whom I consider as my ‘brothers’. I play football with them, follow them for fishing and digging for some siput or catch crabs and bring home to eat for dinner. Romance and intimacy definitely was not in my thick skull until I turn 17…. where one of my ‘brothers’ suddenly mentioned that he had a crush on me. LOL… damn lorr, when I was their age, I was still busy speaking about Sailormoon and Dragonballs… but these days, kids, are pretty much advance.

  8. cleffairy says:

    Calvin… ahaha… sure it’s a funny word . It really got me laughing… I was separating the word and pronouncing it as chic-kopek….sounds very strange. guys skinning chicken? LOL. Now I know it means hamsap. LMAO.

    , yeah, when you first commented in my blog, I thought that you’re a guy, because of your name reminds me of a guy friend that I know. His name is Wei Vern also. Den I check out your site and portfolio and briefly thought you’re a guy, because your work have ‘strong characteristic’ to it.This is a compliment, it’s pretty hard to find girls who are very good at designing T-shirt and making it look like a unisex T-shit. 😀

  9. Celine says:

    You know, I have the same reaction like you when my parents nagged me over for the same thing. But now I knew it’s for my own good. At least I am so safe and happy now. Curfew is good at time when we were young coz we still lack of strong mentality. All we want at that time was to play play play and play. I pity the two girls la. How can they follow the guy away? I always think that Malaysia should impose a rule. Those who rape, cut off their penis!!

  10. cleffairy says:

    Eugene, hi, welcome to my blog. Thank you for commenting and visiting. 😀
    Thank you for the compliment, and yeah, as parents, one would always worry about their children… seeing how much evil lurking out there, I shudder to even think about having a daughter of my own.I’ll be pretty tempted to lock her up in a tower when she hit teenage years. LOL.

    Celine…yeah…I bet most of us were rolling our eyes at that sort of advice when we’re younger. I used to think that my parents control me too much. This cannot that cannot, do what also cannot, but thinking back, some of it is quite reasonable, and it’s for our own good. 😀 I’m not sure whether i really pity the girls or not, because following a stranger you just met and introduced to is not an act of sheer naivety, but an act of complete stupidity. They probably know what is in store for them and yet, they still do it. As for the guys…heck, being a bastards, why would they want to refuse a free and easy fuck? But I do agree with you, the ones who are guilty of rape, should be castrated.

  11. Natasha says:

    Celine : – Those who rape, cut off their penis!!” echoed by Clef fairy.

    In Malaysia, there are harsh provisions under the law to incarcerate the rapist up to 20 years and whipping. Lord Jesus said “for who never sinned, you can throw the first stone” on his admonishment against anyone for stoning an adulturous woman to death.

    As a colleen, my pussy is itching for a “stick”. At age 7 I masturbated. At 14 I had sex. It’s a painful experience, but after a couple of sesssion at different dates, I had been poaching guys for fucks. Many are sexist against men here. In the US, women poach men and vice-versa. That was consensual sex. Why are some of you so sexist?

  12. cleffairy says:

    Simple, people with decent way of thinking towards sex would be sexist when they talk about statutory rape. A minor may consent to having sexual relationship with her partner, but it’s against the law nevertheless. I did not applaud of cutting of penis, but castration for RAPIST instead. Rapist, in terms of non-consensual sex. Do not mistake this discussion. I am not sure which part you are not comprehending, but we are talking about minors and statutory rape not about men or women poaching for each other. As a minor, you mentioned that you itch for a stick inside your vagina…. and you admitted that you had sex at 14. As far as I am concern, that is not consensual sex, as you put it, no matter in which country you are in. Any court of law would classified your act as statutory rape. Child sex, no matter in what form, is illegal in any country. US too.

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