Shogun2U Is Hungry To Disrupt Your Lunch And Dinner

Shogun2U plans to take over your lunch and dinner meals by bringing to your doorstep tasty and affordable chef-prepared meals. Picture yourself, driving home from work and feeling hungry. You still have some work to finish off and have no time to prepare your meal. Remembering you have previously pre-booked meals in advance technically saves the day. When you get home, you want tasty food however also affordable and convenient at the same time. With the convenience of Shogun2U pre booked meals, you can indulge in delectable chef-prepared meals at home with affordable prices. It is the best of both worlds – high quality dishes with fresh ingredients enjoyed at household budgets.

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Shogun2U makes it easier for people with busy work schedules, adventurous palates with household budgets by ordering meals online.

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It is an online food platform for ordering tasty and affordable meals from top chefs. The performance has been outstanding for Shogun2U as it is tripling customers monthly and recorded astonishing sales of RM1 million in just three months. The company’s growth has been mainly driven through the famous social media platform, Facebook.

People’s decisions about what to eat are driven by what is trouble-free and reasonably priced. Busy and corporate people would really benefit from Shogun2U as there are plenty of delicious and affordable options to choose from, delivered to your home or office conveniently. It offers a range of weekly menu that saves the hassle of deciding what to eat every day. Customers can schedule and book meals in advance from the ever-changing range of dishes. Positively it is a much better food alternative rather than the usual fast food delivery services.

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The team of culinary experts behind Shogun2U have exceptional experiences in the food industry. They have received recognitions to recognize their cooking proficiency and previously worked for distinguished companies, events and functions prior to joining Shogun2U.

Shogun2U inculcates the Malaysian spirit of ‘Can Do’ and believes that anything is possible with the right attitude. It is a company that combines Shogun Saisaki’s Head chefs and culinary talent with high-quality ingredients and menus delivered directly to the doorstep with only a click of a button. Shogun2U serves a mixed of fusion Japanese, Korean and Chinese dishes for everyone to delightfully enjoy. Constant innovation on the menu creates excitement for the people. 

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Nasi Lemak (Japanese Style) a favourite among the customers, costs RM 18.90. It is steamed Japanese rice served with spicy anchovy onion sambal, served with deep fried boneless chicken (tori karaage) and octopus (tako karaage) and then garnished with hardboiled egg, Japanese cucumber and takuan (Japanese pickles) on the side.

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A signature Korean dish such as Vege Bibimbap is suitable for vegetarians that are served with warm Calrose rice topped with seasoned vegetables to be mixed with JangGun’s special chilli pepper paste, with a choice of egg yolk or cherry tomatoes, all for just RM 16.90.

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A new addition to the menu is the wholesome and nutritious Nyutori meals. The price range of the cuisines is from as low as RM1.80 up to RM99.80 that comes in a combo set suited for the whole family.

A selection of desserts and beverages are also available to complete the meal. Promotions codes are always up for grab so do make sure to key in the promo codes to enjoy attractive discounts.

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