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It’s been rainy lately and monsoon is coming. That can only mean one thing for me; the islands in the East Coast of Malaysia will be closed for diving season and there will be no diving for me until at least March next year, since flying to other diving destinations in Malaysia is not quite convenient during this Covid19 period. It’s going to be a really, really a long wait until the next diving season is opened again.

Well, in all honesty, I still can dive if I really want to. There are plenty of stunning dive sites in Sabah, but I rather not fly all the way from KL to Sabah. It’s a real hassle to adhere to RMCO SOP. I hated wearing masks in public. Although it’s said not to affect any of our oxygen intake, but I felt as if carbon dioxide built-up really quick whenever I wear those masks and it makes me feel suffocated and breathless. I very much rather just stay home unless I really have no other choice but to go out.

So, since I don’t really go out, how do I run household errands? Well, easy. These days I’m quite taken to doing everything online, including shopping for groceries. Shopping used to be so much fun, but with social distancing, mask wearing being compulsory and whatnot, going to malls these days feels very much like a chore I need to finish quickly, and I just hate that feeling.

Since Covid19 hits us all, I practically do all of my shopping via my PC or my smartphone. It’s really convenient, I must say.

One of my favourite shopping platform is PG Mall. Have you heard of PG Mall? If you haven’t, then allow me to share with you all about it.

Established since 2017, PG Mall is THE ONLY local e-commerce platform in Malaysia that ranked Top 3 at Iprice Insight Report. So, what’s good about PG Mall that they reigned the Top 3 ranking at Iprice Insight Report? Well, for one, PG Mall accepts all e-wallets and payment gateway, making it extremely hassle-free and convenient to shop without worrying about the payment channel to use.

Anyway, since I’m not busy diving and enjoying the underwater world somewhere, I did some peeking at PG Mall so that I could start doing some shopping for Christmas and Chinese New Year, and I’m ecstatic to share with you that they’re currently having crazy sales and promos around. I’ve compiled it up for you, so check it out, people!

WOW STORE : FREE SHIPPING up to 80% OFF Storewide discount, with
Daily Free Shipping with minimum spend of RM30 and Cash Back up to 3.5%Top Merchant that will be participating in the promo :

Big Spoon Kitchenware -Kitchenware coupon code : SPOONFREE

Fren Store coupon code : FRENFREE

Softlove Malaysia coupon code : SOFTFREE


Teng Mobile coupon code :TENGFREE

Shop X coupon code :SHOPXFREE coupon code : WZHENGFREE coupon code : MAMAFREE coupon code : PERMAFREE

top online dating sites coupon code : ATRNFREE

dating online tinder coupon code : BUTIKFREE

VV Mall coupon code : VVMALLFREE

WJS coupon code : WJSFREEJazz & Co coupon code : JAZZCOFREE

WPN coupon code : WPMFREE

Dr Morita Coupon code : MORITAFREE

Aromate Coupon code : AROFREE

Super Brand Sales from 21st September -30th September 2020 where you can get RM20 OFF with min spend RM50Discount code : PGSUPER
Super Brand : Nestle, Gintell, Vivo, G2OOO, Revlon,Old Town, P&G, Focus Point , Hurix, 4S Professional, Pineng

Health & Beauty Essential Week
15th September – 27th September 2020 shoppers will be given RM25 off min spend RM100 and Free Shipping capped at RM4
Use code: LOVEPGHB25So ladies and gentlemen, what are you waiting for? Hop over to PG Mall and shop now!

For more information on ongoing offers and promo, simply search these hashtags on social media:
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