Aspiring Entrepreneur Hafiz Helmi Introduces Anti-Ageing LFiz Body& Face Soap to Malaysian Beauty&Skincare Market

Let’s admit it. We’re living in a fast- pace world where almost everyone in all walks of life are buzzing around to the point that we have no choice but to neglect our skincare routine due to the lack of time to pamper themselves. Well, maybe this is not true for others who are diligent enough to take care of their of their skin, but this is particularly true for me. My daily routine is so packed that I could barely squeeze in any pampering session for myself. By the time I get home from work daily, all I want to do is just hit the sack and sleep. My skin of course suffer from my neglect. They get easily dry, dull, uneven and so on, especially after my swimming or scuba diving sessions, but lucky me, there’s a new skincare product in town that offers a top-to-toe care; the LFiz Body&Face Soap with Floral Scents.

Officially launched today at Restaurant Rebung Chef Ismail, Kuala Lumpur, the LFiz Body&Face Soap is suitable for both men and women from all walks of life.

From left: Marketing Consultant Mr. Azmi and LFiz Body& Face Soap Founder Hafiz Helmi.

According to it’s founder, the aspiring Malaysian entrepreneur Hafiz Helmi the soap bar is made from premium natural ingredients like Argan oil and is great for those with sensitive and dry skin.

“We aspire to help both men and women who are too busy to keep up with an elaborated skincare and anti-ageing routine to maintain their youthfulness through LFiz Body&Face Soap.”

“LFiz Body&Face Soap provides an efficient moisturizing effect upon usage and is suitable for all skin types. We use only premium ingredients like Argan Oil that’s famous for anti-ageing and restoration effects.” Hafiz Helmi said.

“We’re also looking forward into making the soap available in drugstores nationwide in Malaysia at an affordable price.” he said when asked what is his vision for LFiz Body&Face Soap in the nearest future.

Here’s rounding up the benefits of using LFiz Body&Face Soap;

*Travel-friendly. Easy to carry everywhere
*Treat skin problems like acne
* Instantly moisturizing and brightens the skin. Helps with dry and flaky skin.
*Ideal for all skin types and have an anti-ageing effect when used in long term and help reduce wrinkles and the sign of premature ageing
* Sweetly scented and pleasantly fragrant. Can also be used on whole body and as scalp moiturizing and anti-dandruff shampoo.

LFiz Body&Face Soap is pretty easy to use. All you need to do is just wet the soap, then work up a lather for at least 15 seconds before you start washing yourself. Apply the soap bar directly to your body instead of using something like a washcloth or loofah.

LFiz Body&Face Soap is currently available for purchase online.

LFiz Body&Face Soap retails at an introductory price of RM9.90 per bar.

For more information on where to purchase LFiz Body&Face Soap, please refer to the information below:

Facebook: LFiz Beauty
Whatapps: 0133005709

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