Shopping Spree Experience at Econsave, Setapak Central Mall

My weekend is always mundane and boring these days. Unless I planned ahead to travel during earlier or the week, I usually ended up either wasting the weekend away or just doing the routine things that I normally do on weekends. You know, sleeping in, cleaning up the house, doing laundry or just stocking up for groceries. You get the picture. It’s all the boring things.

But last weekend was really exciting. I was as challenged to a shopping spree rush in conjunction with the Shopping Spree Contest jointly organized by Econsave and Setapak Central Mall where the winners gets to spend a maximum RM1,000 on groceries at Econsave. The catch? They only had 3 minutes to grab anything that they want from Econsave’s shelves.


5 winners have been selected from this lucky draw contest to participate in the shopping rush at Econsave Setapak Central Mall and to make the contest more exhilarating, an additional RM200 will be given to the first participant who can come back with their groceries before the 3 minutes. Here’s a picture of before they were released from the starting line.


Happy faces. The winners and their loots.


And here’s the after picture. Can you imagine grabbing all of these in just 3 minutes?

Shopping Spree Experience at Econsave, Setapak Central Mall

Uploaded by K Network Media on 2018-08-27.

Well, I did not win the contest, but I was invited to take up the challenge where I was given RM200 to spend in just 1 minute at Econsave alongside with the contest’s winners. Watch the video. I promise you, it’s really exciting.


The stuff that I managed to loot in just 1 minute.


A closer look at the looted items.

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Not too bad, huh?

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From top left: Winners of Setapak Central Shopping Spree contest. Thank you Econsave and Setapak Central Mall for such an exciting experience. And congratulations again to those who won the Shopping Spree contest and got to spend Rm1,000 in 3 minutes at Econsave Setapak Central Mall. They are the real shopping heroes.

The shopping spree contest is one of Setapak Central Mall’s iconic event and according to Mr.Tan Thiam Sing, the Centre Manager of Setapak Central, they are actually considering to make this an annual event.

Feel that you’ve missed out on this? Fret not. More exciting events coming up in Setapak Centrall Mall. Follow Setapak Central Mall on links below for mall-wide event updates:

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