Shu Uemura make up demonstration

I thought that the nightmares of going into the principal’s office to be reprimanded each time I’ve done something wrong like not doing my homework is over once I left school. But boy, was I wrong! If school was a horror movie, then motherhood is the sequel to this horror movie! Each time I talk to some of my boy’s teacher, they did nothing but make me feel like a child who has done wrong all over again, and I’m kinda sick of it.

I think if most of you here is aware that my boy is a special need child, and his milestone is different from your average children, and unlike most mothers who is pushing for academic excellence, I don’t really do such thing. I allowed my son to learn at his own pace though I do my part in tutoring him everyday. His results is mostly just average.

Apparently, teachers are not always satisfied with his achievements, and would put a blame on me on that and wants me to push him to do well in exam and stuff. I’m seriously sick of going to school and being reprimanded by teachers. Apparently, they are treating me like a child too because one way or another, I look pretty young and petite to be having a child of my son’s age. I don’t really wear like any other adults my age and I don’t really go around with one inch make up on my face to look older in order to intimidate people like other corporate mothers.

I know this can’t be helped, but I can’t continue going on like this. Having school teachers not respecting me as a child’s mother will not only give negative effect to me, but to my son as well. How can I expect my son to respect me as his mother if his teachers keep intimidating me and making me feel guilty in front of him? I think  this have to stop, one way or another. I got to start dressing up more like an adult than a kid. (That means no more spaghetti straps, shorts and nude face when meeting the teachers… BOO!!! Life really sucks when people treat you based on how you look like!)

And so, when I was given an opportunity to attend Shu Uemura make up demonstration last week I was ecstatic.

I’ll finally be learning on how to put up make up that will make me look slightly more respectable.

Plenty of other bloggers were invited to this event too.

Here’s Ms. Lisa, Shu Uemura’s make up artist, getting ready for the demo.

Part of Shu Uemura’s products used during the demo. Part of the products used is the newly launched colour atelier. Which is not only bold in nature, but will also give the natural effect on the face. This is something that I certainly like about Shu Uemura’s product. I hate make ups that looks too thick and unnatural.

The make up artist, giving the model a face makeover. Plenty of useful tips were given on how to apply the make up to make us naturally stands out in the crowd.

The model, after the makeover. Beautiful, isn’t she?

Refreshments and goodie bags. Each of us bloggers were given a goodie bag containing their newly launched lipstick.

I’m really looking forward to try out the lipstick given  and implement what I have learned during the makeover. Hopefully my skill will get better with practice.

Cleffairy: If you’re interested in Shu Uemura’s products, you may follow the updates and find out more about their products in their Facebook Fanpage HERE.


    • Cleffairy says:

      Another make up artist did my face… hahaha…not bad la… all those fine wrinkles gone and for once, i did look quite nice when i took photo f myself… LOL!

  1. Angeline says:

    I have to admit my make up skills sucks. After having a short course, I’ve improve in applying base and eye shadows..thanks to my BFF, she tag me along with her for 4 days@ 3 hrs.

    • Cleffairy says:

      My make up skill is nil… that is why I never put on any make up all the while… the most I’ll do is put on some BB cream, abit blusher, sheer lipgloss(cuz my lips are dry kind) and that’s just about it.

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