‘Siapa Paling Berani?’ Haunted Hotel Bloggers Challenge at Amber Court, Genting Highlands

So, my husband and I were recently invited to participate in ‘Siapa Paling Berani?’ Haunted Hotel Bloggers Challenge, jointly organized by Lomo Pictures as well as Sam Kassim Events and Communications and sponsored by VC Malaysia in conjunction with the newly screened ‘Haunted Hotel’ movie.

‘Haunted Hotel’ is Ryon Lee’s latest masterpiece, starring actor and actresses from 3 countries; Malaysia, Thailand and China. The movie sees Teddy Chin (Malaysia), Alvin Chong (Malaysia), Azman Hassan (Malaysia) and several foreign actors such as Aom Sushar Manaying (Thailand) and Li Chuan (China) works together in a thriller-horror movie.

Watch the Haunted Hotel movie trailer


Haunted Hotel‘ tells the story of Ling and her boyfriend Jun, who had the opportunity visit Malaysia during a business trip. They happened to have won a lot of money in a casino in Genting Highlands during their trip, but unfortunately for the couple, they could not leave after winning the money as it is already dark and rains heavily. Instead of going home, they decided to stay for the night.Their first choice of accommodation was somewhere near the casino but it happens to be public holiday and the hotels over there are fully booked. The couple then unknowingly booked themselves into Amber Court, a secluded hotel that is known to be haunted.

Strange things started to happen during their stay and they were often disturbed by a woman in white dress. What will happen to this couple? Will they be able to live to tell the tale?

Read my review on the ‘Haunted Hotel‘ movie HERE.

The ‘Siapa Paling Berani’ Haunted Hotel Challenge takes place in Amber Court Apartment, Genting Highlands, the exact same place where the shooting for the movie was mostly done. The challenge is part of Lomo Pictures promotional campaign for the movie.


Amber Court Apartment is located 3 km away from Resorts World Genting, one of the most popular holiday attraction in Malaysia. With a beautiful mountaintop view and soothingly cold weather all year long, it was initially an ideal place for a holiday or a weekend home.


I’ve heard alot of things about Amber Court Apartment. It is rumoured to be one of the Top 10 Haunted Hotels in Asia. It is said to have frequent ghost sightings and a hot location for murder and suicide cases. Sounds impressively dangerous and creepy, no? But then again, I’m not the sort of person who backs out from a challenge. Plus, I don’t believe in unverified news and hearsay. I believe in facts, and if certain news is not verified, then it remains nothing more than just rumours and gossips. So, I decided to take on the challenge and see for myself if the place is indeed haunted. It’s time for some exclusive, inside scoop.


This is how Amber Court looks like from the outside during the day; a little bit rundown-looking with the old paint being all mossy due to the damp weather.The apartment has twin building with 23 storeys high. The apartment units has the interior of a studiohouse and penthouse. The Internet and gossip blogs would have you believe that this place is completely abandoned, but the truth is otherwise. Amber Court is definitely not an abandoned building. It’s actually occupied, just like any other apartments you’re familar with. The residence over here are mostly people who works in Genting Highlands and foreign workers who works in construction sites nearby. There are plenty of shops selling sundries and whatnot at the lobby floor. A shop providing telco service and self-service laundry shop is also available at Amber Court, alongside with a pub and small restaurants.


As per arrangement by the organizers, we’re to check-in and stay for 2D1N at Amber Court. And so here’s sharing with you how our room in Amber Court looks like from the inside. Our room was on the 23rd floor and it’s practically a beautiful and spacious studiohouse, fully equipped with basic amnesties like the kitchen, livingroom, bedroom, showerbooth and a toilet. On a personal level, I think it’s great for honeymooners who wants privacy or holiday-goers with small children and family in tow, considering how spacious it. Unlike other hotels in Genting, cooking is allowed in Amber Court. A plus point, in my opinion. You may read my review on Amber Court HERE.


View from one side the balcony as the sun started to set


Beautiful view from another side of the balcony at night.


After checking-in and dinner at one of the restaurants at the lobby, we’re taken around to visit the ‘Haunted Hotel‘ shooting locations in Amber Court. Most of these places are off limits to both public and residence due to various reasons. One would have to obtain a special permission from the Amber Court’s management to visit these places, so keep it in mind that you can’t go to these places, or you can be prosecuted for tresspassing. Amber Court looks eerie and mysterious from the outside at night. Definitely a perfect place to shoot if you’re producing a horror movie.

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View of the building from bottom to top. Looks freaky, don’t you think? Commonly known as the dark zone where people suicide by jumping from the balcony, this is the place where the scene where a character in the movie jumped down to her death were shot.

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Dead bodies spotted? No, that’s just us bloggers playing pro photographers, trying to get a good shot of the building by lying down on the floor. Coincidentally, this is also where dead bodies are supposedly found at Amber Court whenever someone decided to jump off from the balcony and suicide.


Heading to other shooting locations


According to the organizer, this unit is where a family of 7 were found dead. It was commonly believed among the residence that it was a murder-suicide case. Some scenes from the movie were shot here.


A closer look at the door of the unit. Some say plenty of paranormal sightings occured here. But whether it’s true or not, remains a mystery as during my visit, nothing actually happens.


The interior of this unit was used during the shooting. Curious on how it looks like from the inside? Well, just refer to the picture of the room we stayed. The interior is exactly the same.


Here’s us, being led to another shooting location


This is where staircase where a ghostly character appeared in the movie while holding a head that’s torn off from a dead body.


Playing a fool with my husband over here at the staircase. Does it look like as if I’m trying to tear his head off from his neck?


Next, we were led to an abandoned toilet in Amber Court. This place was used as the hospital toilet scene in the movie.


Creepy staircase. This is where the protagonists from ‘Haunted Hotel‘ being chased by ghost scene were shot.


Finally, to the parking lot, where escape scene from the movie were shot. It was indeed scary over here, I must admit.


Another angle of the parking lot


An old carwreck spotted at the abandoned carpark area.


One for the album. Group photo was taken before the challenge started.

Below is the list of participants who took up the challenge in alphabetical order:

1. Adam Lau (https://garfield.in)
2. Cyrill Hassan (https://buzzingmalaysia.com)
3. Ellie Toh (https://cleffairy.com)
4. Faizol Hafizi (https://faizolhafizi.com)
5. Khir Khalid (https://khirkhalid.com)
6. Nazlan Nasir (https://nazlannasir.com)
7. Shahful Shaffiq (https://hangat.com)

The challenge took place at an abandoned basement cum parking lot. There’s plenty of empty rooms over here and what we need to do was just find one bottle of perfume placed in one of the rooms in the dark area. Just find the perfume within the time given and the first 6 participants to do that will walk away with a Violet III VC smartphone, sponsored by VC Malaysia. Violet III VC smartphone is the smartphone that’s used by the character in the movie. Sounds quite straight forward, no? But the catch is each participant needs to go alone to find the perfume within 2 minutes time, equipped only with flashlight from smartphones. Recording the entire process is also part of the deal. Personally I think it’s quite tough as you need to race against time while trying your best not to freak out walking around in a dark and freaky place and find the perfume at the same time. Initially we were only given 1 minute to find the perfume, but all participants failed and we were given extended time of 2 minutes to search for it. Nobody found the perfume during the second round as well. It is not until the third round participants started to get what they are looking for.

‘Siapa Paling Berani?’ Haunted Hotel Bloggers Challenge at Amber Court

Uploaded by K Network Media on 2017-10-23.

Here’s a little vlog on the challenge. I was the only lady who took up this challenge and being of the weaker sex, I wasn’t really expecting to even win this challenge, but I managed to win it regardless, after my fourth attempt.


Mission accomplished. Below is the winner’s list:

Cyrill Hassan – 1 minute (Round 2)
Nazlan Nasir – 50 seconds (Round 3)
Khir Khalid – 1 minute (Round 3)
Shahful Shaffiq – 40 seconds(Round 4)
Ellie Toh – 1 minute 20 seconds(Round 4)
Faizol Hafizi – 35 seconds (Round 5)

So, is the place haunted? Well, there’s plenty of articles written about Amber Court on the Internet that will have you believe that the place is haunted and you will experience plenty of paranormal sightings during your stay, but after staying for 2D1N in Amber Court, I can’t seriously vouch for those claims made as I did not experience anything strange or weird during our stay over there, apart from my phone crashing when I attempt to record myself doing the challenge. My smartphone is rather old, and have the tendency to do that occassionally, so I don’t think it’s anything unusual.

I slept better over there in Amber Court than at home and actually missed my alarm in the morning. I guess, while Amber Court inspired plenty of horror and mystery stories due to the paranormal and mystery stories surrounding it but truthfully, it’s just a sadly misunderstood place. Lomo Pictures certainly did a good job in portraying Amber Court as a horrifying and freaky place in the ‘Haunted Hotel‘ movie.


A picture taken the next morning. Won myself a Violet III smartphone sponsored by VC Malaysia for my effort.


Group picture with other winner before leaving Amber Court. There’s a surprise at the end of the event, though. Those who did not win the challenge were also awarded with the same prize, as a token of appreciation for the effort made during the challenge.

Thank you Lomo Pictures and Sam Kassim Events and Communications for organizing the challenge. And of course VC Malaysia for the smartphone sponsorship as well.

If you are a fan of horror movies, you might want to watch the ‘Haunted Hotel’ at your nearest cinema. The movie will be haunting 69 selected cinemas in Malaysia from 19th October 2017. I assure you that you’ll be getting goosebumps all over while enjoying the movie.

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