Simple and Easy DIY Haircut and Makeover

Salon is closed due to endless lockdown in Malaysia and my hair is getting too long and unruly. It’s been exactly a year and two days since I last had a haircut and here’s sharing with you how I cut my own hair and give myself a small makeover, in case you would like to do the same too.

I learnt this from TikTok, so here’s sharing with you ladies who might want to give yourselves a hair makeover.

I don’t have any professional haircutting tools, so I just made a grab for my kitchen scissors to get it done in just two easy steps.

1. First use a rubber band and tie it up at the front to give it a trim with scissors.
2. Second if you want your hair layered, pull all your hair in front and tie it up with a rubber band and cut off about an inch for a soft layer. If you want an obvious sharp layer with a side bang, give it a two inch.

My hair colour has already faded and it looks annoyingly unsightly with my black hair growing out, so I decided to colour it too. I’m not hair colouring expert so I used this idiot-proof hair dye; Liese Bubble Hair Color. It’s as easy to use. All you need to do is just mix it up and apply the solution as if you would a shampoo, let it sit for 30mins before washing it off.

Before and after a haircut and a slight soft layer and colouring with Liese Bubble Hair Color: Milky Beige.

Not too bad, coverage is okay and I think it does make me look brighter and more cheerful. The hair colour should be brighter under the sun in a few days, so hopefully it’ll look more striking after a few more wash.

Can finally sport my favourite ‘Dragonball’s Bulma’ hairstyle after the haircut as the hair is no longer so long and heavy.

My favourite look whenever I go for events or covering for press conferences before Covid era.

The ponytail I usually pull up into whenever I dance to Kpop cardio workout songs or when I’m practicing Qigong and Taichi.

Used to tie up a half ponytail like this whenever I chillax with my friends over a cuppa in cafés before Covid.

Ladies, just because you are in a lockdown and you have to stay home does not mean you should just give up on looking presentable. Trust me, looking presentable will also bring yourselves good vibes and pleasant feelings for the people around you, so yea, if you feel like giving yourselves a haircut, a makeover or dress up simply because you feel like it, just go ahead and do it.

I hope this post will be beneficial for you and I wish you good health and happiness.

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