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I thought 2020 was the worst year in my life. I was wrong. 2020 was challenging at most, and I still have freedom to go around for quite a few months. Unlike this year, the year 2021 things spiraled downwards after Covid19 crisis hit hard on Malaysian shore and everyone are forced to face more than 6 months of having to stay home due to lockdown imposed by the government in order to combat the Covid19 spread.

Heard this tagline, ‘Plan now and travel later’ before? I think many have heard of it. The tagline is usually advertised by many tourism operators in hopes to attract tourists to visit their place once restrictions is lifted. As cruel as it sounds to the tourism industry, I’m glad that I did not plan for any vacations as it would have lead to continuous disappointments as even as of writing, travel restrictions is still in place. It will definitely break my heart if I have to stay home when the travel arrived as travel restrictions is still in place.

Anyway, Malaysians still can’t travel anywhere for vacations right now. Travel ban is still in place although the rules is relaxed for the fully vaccinated; where fully vaccinated individuals can cross districts and visit tourism attractions or establishments. If you are still not fully vaccinated, then it’s still lockdown rules for you. Say, if you are living in Klang Valley area, regardless of where you are staying, you can book a KL Staycation, provided you are fully vaccinated and follows strict SOP throughout your staycation period.

Same goes if you are living in any part of Perak, you can now make a booking at Pangkor Laut Resort and have a vacation there.

Not too bad right? Although we can’t move around too much like we used to, we still can travel locally in our own states and that is quite a relief, especially for tourism operators. There is also special pilot programs where the government has introduced the Green Travel Bubble you can go to certain locations like Langkawi Island safely by using public transport or travel agencies no matter which part of Malaysia you are in.

I think if you are now fully vaccinated and is passionate about traveling and don’t mind the hassle of planning ahead and adhering to strict SOP, you can start planning for your vacation. There are plenty of tourism operators who are offering great deals and discounts online, especially on Traveloka. You might want to hop over to Traveloka and check it out and see what tickles you fancy. I can assure you that they will really stretch your Ringgit as the prices for room packages and what it is absolutely attractive and competitive.

That said, before I pen down, I would like to wish everyone who decides to go on a holiday a safe and happy journey. Please adhere to all the SOP, maintain social distancing and be safe always while holidaying. Let us all hope that things will get better soon and we can travel freely once Covid19 gets under control.

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