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Are you a vain person? I thought I am not a vain person until one fine day, I looked into the mirror and saw how tired and weary I looked liked. You see…as a mother to one hyperactive boy, I hardly have the time to pamper myself, what more sit in front of the vanity mirror and paint my face. I’m always rushing here and there, doing things that full-time mothers usually do, and the only ‘make-up’ that I allow myself is to put some sunscreen on. ๐Ÿ˜›

But I come to realize that it’s not really good, and I need to take good care of myself properly,otherwise I’ll age before time, and now that my boy is older and I somewhat learned to delegate my chores, I thought it’ll be a good idea if I start taking good care of my appearance again.

And so, when I was given an opportunity to review a range of amazing products from Goalife known as Skin Formulation, I got really excited. Remember my previous post on attending an event where I was given a goodie bag containing a range of product that’s suitable for my skin type to try? Well, I tried their products, and I have to say that I’m amazed by the fact that there’s visible result within just one week.

First of all, there’s this:

Removing cleansing gel. I got to say that i love this product. Very good for those who are always in a hurry. This is a 2 in1 gel type cleanser with dual-usage; which is a make up remover and cleanser. You can use this as a make-up remover. Highly effective in removing mascara, kohl/kajal, eye make-up and whatnot without dehydrating the skin. I have dry skin, so using this as a cleanser is really nice as the skin does not dry up after usage.

The second product in the basic skincare range that was given to me to try was Normalizing Lotion. Normalizing Lotion gives suppleness and hydration to the skin with variety of moisturizing ingredients. Normalizing lotion also allows the skin to absorb moist into the deeper layer of the skin due its small particles, restoring water balance throughout the day. This product works well with all skin type.

My skin is terribly dry, and therefore, the beauty consultant suggested that I try their Hydro Aqua Essence. It is some sort of serum that deeply penetrates the skin to hydrate it from within. I was amazed that the result was instant, and my skin feels refreshed within seconds after using this.

Another great product from Skin Formulation; Glossy Shine Sleeping mask. Very good for those who wants to rejuvenate their skin and repair those fine lines while they are sleeping. And like other products in their skincare range, this product helps me a lot too. My skin feels more smooth, supple and hydrated once I woke up from my sleep, unlike before where it feel all dry up when I woke up from my sleep. if you are a busy woman and have no time to pamper yourself during the day, this product will definitely help you to rejuvenate and repair your skin while you’re sleeping.

As I mentioned earlier, I am a busy woman, always rushing here and there, and barely having a breather everyday, and so, I don’t really make it a point to use a facial mask. I find it rather troublesome, and have no instant result, but after trying Skin Formulation’s FGF-7 PDGF Repairing Mask, I think I ought to reconsider my negligent habit. Repairing mask such as this one really does make a lot of difference to neglected skin like mine. The result was instant, and guess what? Some acne scars and fine lines were erased after one time usage, and my skin became translucent and rosy after using it. It’s really amazing, and I bet if I were to continue to use this mask on regular basis, I’ll look 10 years younger within weeks! Highly recommended to those who wants to reduce fine lines, get rid of acne scars, etc.

Among all of Skin Formulation products that were given to me to try, I LOVE this one the most. Perfect Glow Sunscreen is absolutely amazing, and it works better than the suncreen that I used to use before I get my hands on this one.Unline my previous sunscreen that gives only a maximum of 12 hours protection,ร‚ย  Skin Formulation’s Perfect Glow Sunscreen gives protection to the skin for 24 hours, reflecting ultraviolet light away from skin. Perfect Glow Sunscreen is used as physical sunscreen and isร‚ย  sweat proof, which is great for people like me who is always on the go, rushing here and there. It is also waterproof, and if you’re like me, you’d find that it’s also suitable to be used while you’re swimming. But I don’t recommend it to be used while you’re swimming as this is for face only. You might want to use regular sports sunblock for that purpose.

Perfect Glow Sunscreen also well as a concealer and when I use it, it gives me nude makeup look as it goes according to the skin colour, which is great, because the sunscreen coverage does not look unnatural and thick. Great if you want to take photos during the day.This sunscreen also moisturizes the skin well, which is really great for those who have sensitive skin or dry skin type. In other words, this sunscreen function like your regular BB Cream.

Skin Formulation Products is really amazing, and if you’re a busy woman like me, you’d want to try their product as it’s hassle-free to use and the result is almost instant. I highly recommend it to all ladies who wants to look fresh and younger than their age.

Interested in their products? Go ahead and check them out HERE, and should you have any questions about their products, please do not hesitate to ask their beauty consultant. They are very friendly and always ready to help.

Cleffairy: I’ve been neglecting my appearance for years now. It’s time to take good care of my body again so that it can take care of me.



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