Things money cannot buy

Money is important in this modern world and many would not hesitate to do unscrupulous things for it, including scamming and cheating for it.

But as important as it is, there are things money can’t buy. This is an example of things that money can’t buy.


Chicken changs and Nyonya changs. This is one thing that money cannot buy. Sure, you say that these changs can be bought from restraurants and food stalls, but these are not from any restaurants or foodstalls. No, no, no. They are definitely not from any restaurants of specialty food store.

Smallkucing and Mamarazzi made these especially for me, and they are definitely not selling these anywhere outside. These are their token of friendship, and not something that can be bought.

Ever since I got to know Smallkucing and Mamarazzi, they never failed to give me these during Dragon Boat Festival season, and I think…not everyone is as blessed to receive these.

Thank you, Smallkucing and Mamarazzi, for keeping me in your thoughts always. I certainly enjoyed your changs that’s made with love, and filled with generous fillings.

Cleffairy: No matter how much money you have, there’s still things that you can never buy.


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