Sleeping with Superman

Those who knows me personally would know that I’ve been having a long term affair with the Man of Steel. Yups it’s an open secret that I’ve been having an affair with Clark Kent a.k.a Superman. I wrote about him countless of times. You can even read my love letter to him HERE. It was written a few years back. There are a few more entries on the last child of Krypton, but I’m just too lazy to make a dig on those old posts. You may use the search bar to on the top right if you’re interested to know how much I love Superman. LOL. ( Though I kinda hate the new incarnation of Superman in Man of Steel. The Reboot is kinda awful to me)

Neway, I stumbled upon these when I was walking around with my son in the supermarket the other day.

Man of Steel’s bed set, consisting of bedsheets, pillowcase and comforter.


Wow, I got to say, the House of El’s family crest is pretty cool here.

And Superman is awesome on the sheets too.


I definitely won’t mind sleeping with Superman. A possible cure for my insomnia, I reckon. Now, I wonder if I could get these for my birthday? *AHEM AHEM*


Cleffairy: “Take it from me, living without love is not really living. It’s just sort of… existing.” – Smallville


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