Man of Steel Trailer

I’m having a little bit of a WTF moment after after watching the Man of Steel trailer. 🙁 Not really sure how to feel about this movie, but I have a funny feeling that the movie is pretty much on the darker side and very very alien. Someone ought to have banned Christopher Nolan from touching Superman and make him stick to making movies for Batman! 🙁 (Oh wait, Christhoper Nolan actually ‘killed’ my favourite Dark Knight too! I swear the man is as evil as Lex Luthor and Zod!) It seems to me that Clark Kent’s alien heritage is thoroughly explored in Man of Steel while his Earthling upbringing, characteristic and romance is completely ignored in the reboot.

The trailer is pretty impressive if you like the crash boom bangs in movies, but, it’s not quite the portrayal of the hero of my dreams and the beacon of hope that I’m hoping for.This reboot is not very appealing to me. Clark Kent has always been an integral part of Superman, but here, I can’t even see Clark Kent. What happened to the secret identity thingie? Where the hell is Daily Planet? And Perry White is not supposed to be a Black!  Goodness…I have a lot to say, but I’ll save my grouse until I’ve really seen the movie to do my bashing.

Cleffairy: I don’t think I like this Superman reboot. Where the F*CK is the red underwear? The suit looks like a bloody alien armor for God’s sake! Stupid reboot! What is plain Superman without Clark Kent? Jesus!


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