So spank me!

Another tag, from Claire. Yadda, yadda… without further ado here’s some random facts about Cleffairy, according to many high and oh so mighty people; friends, foes, families and neighbours alike who dwells in her life. They may not have the guts to say the stuff below to my face, but I know what they’re saying. Duh! What do you take me for?

1. I’m a bad mum.

2. I’m a horrible wife and is never good enough.

3. I make a nasty friend.

4. Apparently, I’m not a filial daughter because I don’t see my parents often.

5. I’m definitely a rotten, pain in the ass sister.

6. I am rather brainless and a bit of a slut cuz I make many wrong turns in life.

7. I’m pure. Pure evil, that is.

But thank heaven God is kind to me. Despite of all of my faults, He saw it fit to bestow me a talent for fiction, and therefore, I avenge myself by killing and torturing those who badmouth me in my novels. So… hell yea… try not to make me pissed, okay? You’ll never know when I’ll be like J.K Rowling or something and I get to tell the shits to the world about you.

Cleffairy: I am bad to the bone, yes but I’ll never mislead anyone with the illusion that I’m somewhat a Saint.


  1. Gratitude says:

    LOLZ I’m sure you wld have tagged those offenders the same as the baddies in the fictions. It’s kinda fun too!

    Stay sweet to the rest of us nice ones ya. Tuhan menentukan 😉

    • Cleffairy says:

      Well, I suppose one thing contribute to that. The NEGATIVE aura in the house. Nothing positive emitting inside, all moody moody and depressed to the max, so I ask you, am I not entitled to be affected? GRRRR! Can’t beat them, join them. You want positive, wait until I go back to my dad’s house!

  2. kathy says:

    *horrified* would not dare to mess with you otherwise I might be “kill”, “murdered” or “tortured” in your books kakaka

    Just joking la…anyway am not doing the tag.

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