With vengeance

*sigh* Retribution comes without fail. A few weeks back, I tempted some hungry ghosts with my fried sotong. Now, Ghost no.1, Ghost no.2 and Ghost no.3 all ganged up against me at the same time and tempted me with their own fried sotong.

*SOBS* I have no sotong to fry, and therefore, I ended cooking those above. Typical Western junks. Home made cheeseburgers with French fries.

So…junks, anybody?

Cleffairy: Never, ever offend Hungry Ghosts.


  1. Mommy Ling says:

    Ahahaha…nvm wait for the BH. Eii..i like the fries lor. I think my hse has one pack unopen, next time pass to u (hopefully i remember). FYI, it was given by someone but i malas to fry one.

  2. Gratitude says:

    Oh i alwiz succumb to those delish junks lolz
    Ramly just opened a store near my home, so i went there and got myself chicken hamburger patties as well as some alaskan pollock for fish and chips hehe

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