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Being a mother to an autistic child does not always makes me feel accomplished. What is there to feel proud or accomplished about when your child terribly slacks behind when it comes to hitting milestone in comparison to other children his age?

But then again,there is a few things that makes me feel accomplished as a mother to an autistic child these days.

One of it is bringing kiddo to a blogging event where there is this skincare product demo and hands-on and the PR kindly told me that my son is surprisingly well behaved and tolerant. She could see that kiddo was rather bored while I was doing facial and yet the only time he interrupted was when he needs to go to toilet.

She said she rarely seen a boy his age patiently observe his mum doing all the girl stuff for almost an hour without whining of boredom or pester his mum for her smartphone to play games like other kids his age. She told me my boy was well behaved, and noted that my boy automatically help me carry my goodie bags. Apparently she was amazed at his helpfulness too. Later on…while we were having tea, she tried to talk to my son but naturally, he was quite unresponsive. And so I proceed to explain that kiddo is verbally challenged and he has autism.

She was shocked and told me…she could easily mistook him for an ordinary child and said, it must have been difficult for me to push him to such milestone and face the judgmental people around me. She’s right, of course. It has been a terrible roller coaster ride, but for all the wrong turns I’ve took, perhaps I did right somewhere with my boy, considering that he’s at least not terribly obnoxious, rude, disrespectful or terribly dependant on smart phones or gadgets to keep himself entertained in public when I couldn’t. That’s something, isn’t it?

God gave me a special need child perhaps because I probably wouldn’t know how to handle normal children. I’ll be honest. As time goes by, I do find that some normal children of my son’s age can be terribly difficult to handle and they can be rather disobedient at times and despite being perfectly normal, not all are respectful or tolerant towards their parents.

Cleffairy: God gave you not what you want but what you need.

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