Stress Free Lousang

I mentioned in my previous entry that I went lousang with my blogger family, didn’t I? That was the first lousang of the Rabbit year for me, and I enjoyed it very, very much, because it was stress-free, and everyone seems to be very relaxed that evening.

Everyone dressed down too, and the entire session was very casual. LOL… you see, we’re all with kids, therefore, dressing up to the nines for dinners and whatnot is not really practical, as it’s a well known fact that kids are messy, and it’s best if we’re all frill-free.

And despite of it still being Chinese New Year, at least 4 of the folks who attended the lousang session wore black/grey-ish shirts/clothing.

LMAO. Talk about defying culture! The superstitious elders would probably faint out of shock if they’re to see us wear dark coloured clothing. You see… it’s considered a blasphemy and inauspicious to wear black-ish clothing during Chinese New Year.

Gosh… I must be getting really old. I feel more comfortable with people who are married, with kids rather than single brats who cared so much about dressing up, even for casual events.

Anyway, we ordered ‘Half Portion Yee Sang’

There’s some measly slices of salmon fish along with the yee sang set, waiting to be tossed with the rest of the ingredients.

Just look at the yummylicious ingredients…colourful, isn’t it? This dish signify the hope for a colourful and prosperous year ahead. By the way, can you guess which one is MY hand? LOL.

Tossing the yee sang… The Chinese believes that the higher you toss when you’re mixing the ingredients, the luckier you’ll be throughout the year. And so, we toss as high as we could while wishing a lot of auspicious things out loud.

The aftermath? Let’s just say, it was rather messy… but it was yummy nevertheless. LOL.

Cleffairy: Nothing beats spending time with friends who are more like a family to you.

note: The dish is called ‘yee sang’ while the act of tossing and mixing the ‘yee sang’ ingredients together is known as ‘lou sang’.


  1. kathy says:

    Low Sang also not popular in KT.

    Woi..that one is full portion la. Not half hahaha..

    Aiya …no need to worry about dress up or dress down la..asal kan ada dressed enough lo. People wanna dress like what apa you peduli lah. You enjoy yourself enough lo. Tarak stress jangan cari stress.

    Eh you found out who give you the chicken yet?

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