Summer Day Camp

Time really flies. It’s gonna be summer soon. Are you excited about it? Well, I can’t honestly say I’m pretty excited about it as it’s almost ‘summer’ whole year through in my country, but the hype is certainly getting to me this year as I’ve planned to participate in Camp NaNo. Camp NaNo have been around for quite a few summers now and it’s a time where writers from all  around the world  gathers together and will be churning words out of their brains throughout summer to produce a novel or two while roasting marshmallows or a glazed chicken wings or two over a campfire.

Most who will be participating in this literary abandon is adults, and it would be a sad thing if kids missed out on the opportunity to grow creatively and academically too this summer.

If you’re in Montreal and is looking forward for some quiet time alone while you work on that novel you’ve been longing to write, I think it would do justice if you send you kids to a summer camp.


Montreal Day Camp would be a perfect place for you to send your kids to this summer as the Montreal tutors are professionally trained in the art of nurturing children in both academic and non-academic fields.

Located in the heart of Montreal, the Summer camps in Montreal provides plenty of interesting daily activities like sports, arts, academics and healthy living to keep your kids occupied throughout summer. Your children will definitely benefit from the camp if you’re to send them there. Just think about it. Let them have their fun while you have some quiet, ME time of your own.

The Summer Camps in Montreal accepted children who are 5 to 14 years old, and it is co-ed. Look them up today for more information should you want to send your kids to the summer camp in question.




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