Super service by Eoe online


Remember my review on Eoe Online?  The online photo company that takes photo printing orders online and deliver it to your doorstep? Well… I’ve received my 50 4R and 2 8R photos from them, along with two photo albums. 😀

And I was really surprised with their efficient service. And through my correspondence with their staff via email, they are professional and friendly too.

They really did a good job. Eoe Online processed my photos really fast and had it delivered to me via courier service known as Skynet within 1 working day. Amazing. Initially I expected them to take at least 3 days to process my order. It was really a surprise to receive the photos this morning. I highly recommend Eoe Online to those people who are busy and not good at waiting. 😀

Currently they are having this promotion.

RM0.30 per 4R print and RM0.50 per 5R print with FREE free delivery for orders above RM35.00

Quality wise is good too. The photos comes out really clear. Only a few came out blurred, and that’s not even their fault, as the original photos are already blurred.

Take a look at the pictures below. They’re from Eoe Online. 😀 Can you recognize who is the subject of the photos? 😀

Well, that cute little boy is my… ahem… my unofficial Over A Cuppa Tea model. And his mum is my uh…. unofficial photographer.

And below is my cat’s picture. LOL…

Why didn’t I put my own photos here? Well… I am not photogenic and I am not special, as many would have me believe. It’s a waste of people’s time and effort to snap my pictures.

I’m… graphically speaking I’m a challenge, and people are better off elsewhere instead of helping me snap my pictures as my pictures will usually turn out really ugly and not nice. My face would ruin group photos too, I believe… so I’ll just spare you folks from looking at this fairy with the face of a Medusa.

Cleffairy: How many out there wants me out of the picture? I think it’ll make your pictures a lot prettier, considering how ugly and awful I am.


  1. kathy says:

    wa…model ah…then must charge commission liao…The “little bird” also there. U cham liao…duno kena how much commission muhahahaha….

    Dan neh noh 1…..

    • Cleffairy says:

      She is fierce…with a temper to match. But she’s a good house cat… taught her a lot of tricks, and she even flush down her own poo or pee after doing her business. So I never have problems with her.

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