Ramadan Al Mubarak

This world is full of contradictions. This year, Ramadan, the Muslim fasting month coincide with The Hungry Ghosts Festival. The Muslim believes that during the fasting month, the gate of Hell will be shut and all Evil will be chained and shackled, and they are not able to roam about to do evil on the face of the Earth. That means, there will be no Evil out there to tempt the humankind to do good deeds and all that is left to seduce the human is their own lust and greed.

The superstitious Chinese, on the other hand, believes that during the Hungry Ghosts Festival, the gate of Hell is open, and all Evil and spirits of the dead will be set free for some sort of a vacation.

Contradictions, contradictions… the two month clashed with each other this year. So… which one is real? The ghosts and evil spirits are roaming about? Or the ghosts and evil spirits are locked up in Hell? I don’t know. I am skeptical to both and I am not going to say anything disrespectful to both believers.

I’m not the kind of people who go around condemning what others believe and how they practice their religion. As horrible as I am, I am above insulting people’s religious believe. I even try not to eat in front of Muslim friends during the period of the fasting month. It made me feel guilty if I did that.

Anyway, here’s wishing all Muslim a happy fasting month and a blessed month ahead.

Cleffairy: If you want people to respect your religious beliefs you got to first respect their religious beliefs. Don’t go around discriminating people just because they believe in different God as you are, and practices different way of life from you.


    • Cleffairy says:

      Yea… coincide this year. The temple near my house are playing those opera songs non stop, day and night. And the bazaar near my house will be full of yummy foods. LOL. Mebbe I shud go and snap pictures or something.

      I hate people who dun respect other people’s religion and yet demand others to respect theirs. I mean, this things should be mutual. Mutual respect. 🙁 How can you get respect when you give none? Right or not?

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