Susuk Emas, Anyone?

In ancient Malay culture, susuk, are actually charm needles made of gold or other precious metals, which are inserted into the soft tissues of the body to act as protective talismans. Susuk has various supposed purposes, ranging from the purely aesthetic to the treatment of joint pains and other minor ailments. This practice are also used as protection against injury and accidents. Because the Susuk practice pre-dates the Islamicization of the region, it is prohibited by modern Islamic scholars.

Mystically, susuk is well known to function cosmetically. Susuk Emas and Susuk Berlian for an example, is known to enhance a woman’s beauty. Malay women in the olden days are known to wear susuk so that they could appear more beautiful and of course, attractively enchanting.

The process of wearing susuk involves black magic and there is a big price to pay for it. Once agreed a ‘bomoh’ will perform a ritual to insert it into the wearer’s body.

Some of the things that the wearer needs to commonly abide to is not looking into the mirror for the first seven days, or they will turn ugly. And as this is practically black magic where spells will also be casted on the wearer, the wearer is also said to be cursed to have a difficult death when their time comes. Susuk would need to be removed to ease with their passing or their soul would linger in between world and cannot pass to the afterlife peacefully.

Women of all ages are always obsessed with beauty. While not many still practices this ancient cosmetic procedures, there are still some who are still looking for susuk in order to bring them good luck in life and beauty.

Well, I don’t know any bomoh who can help you install susuk in order to enhance your beauty and make you appear more attractive, but I do know that Sabun Susuk Emas is the next best thing that you can have in order to appear attractive and youthful. The best part? It got nothing to do with black magic whatsoever.

 photo 20160316_023050_zpskexxp3zm.jpg

This is box of Sabun Susuk Emas.

 photo 20160316_023120_zps25bkvy0j.jpg

Upon unboxing, you will see this.

 photo 20160316_023305_zpsos9cxwhw.jpg

This ‘susuk emas’ comes in the form of handmade soap in golden colour.

 photo 20160316_023256_zps9xbdpdyj.jpg

And like the name suggested, this susuk emas is to be used on the face as a facial a cleanser. All you need to do is just wet your face and apply some of the soap on your face. Massage for a little while before rinsing it off with water. The Sabun Susuk Emas smells almost like perfume, in my opinion, and if you’re to use it on your body during shower, there will be no doubt that you’ll smell as if you just had a flower bath. While it is safe to be used on the entire body, I wouldn’t exactly recommend it, of course, as this soap is made from premium natural ingredients and it would be quite a waste if you use this small bar of soap on your body instead of your face. The soap is soft on the skin and functions pretty well to get rid of pimples and impurities on the face, and upon usage, users would be pleased to discover that the Sabun Susuk Emas is as good as the real Susuk Emas, minus the awful curses and consequences on your deathbed.

Wanna get some susuk to use? Please refer to the information below:

Facebook : Sabun Susuk Emas
Contact : 012-399 5719

Sabun Susuk Emas Price:
1 SSE RM29.90 +RM 7.00 postage fee
2 SSE RM57.00+ RM7.00 Postage fee

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