Sweet and spicy crabs

Every now and then, I will show my sadistic streak…by cooking. I often show it when I get a good deal… like this…I got this crab for RM5 each (About USD2). Cheap, don’t you think? I bought 4 of them, so that’s RM20 (About USD8)

I bought it when it was still alive, and got the seller to tie it up for me. I asked the fishmonger to kill it for me, but that feller was a part-timer, so he did not know how to kill the crabs. I ended up freezing it up in the fridge to kill it cuz I don’t know how to kill a crab either. Yeah, I know. It’s cruel to let the crab die slowly like that, but don’t worry. I’m sure they’re all in crab-heaven now.

After scrubbing them clean, I steamed up two of the crabs.

And made sweet and spicy crabs out of the other two. For RM20, I think it’s quite a good deal, especially when you get to watch pornography later on.

Yeah, eating crabs is like having a food orgy… so much bondage, torture, sucking, fondling,digging, fingering, slurping, licking… and more sucking (the crab, that is) involved. Pretty arousing and rather sexy, I must say.

Neway, here’s the recipe for the sweet and spicy crab:



3 clove of crushed garlic

4 tablespoon of tomato sauce

2 tablespoon of chilli paste

1 tablespoon of light soya sauce

1 teaspoon of dark soya sauce

1 teaspoon of sugar

3 cups of water

3 tablespoon of cooking oil

Sauté the crushed garlic with all the sauce til fragrant. Then transfer the crabs into a huge pot. When the sauce is done, pour it into the pot along with 3 cups of water or more, and cook until crabs are cooked and the sauce thickens.

Cleffairy: I wonder how much these will cost in the restaurants?


  1. Gratitude says:

    Neways, you did the right thing. Good to let the crabs slowly drift into deep sleep so that they die a painless death. I could never bring myself to do it though. That’s why I buy flower crabs when I wanna cook at home.

  2. suituapui says:

    RM5 each? SO CHEAP!!! Mud crabs? Reared or what? Here, damn expensive… Got cheap reared ones…but not nice. The flesh not firm, taste also kalah – very popular here at the dim sum restaurant I went to (yesterday’s post) but I don’t like… No, thank you. I’d rather pay more for the sheer satisfaction of eating really good mud crabs!

    • Cleffairy says:

      I got it from Cold Storage aquarium =.= you know, the tank thingie? >.< And they say it's meat crab... I dunno, I'm not exactly an expert. They're having promo or something, so when I saw it's RM5 each, I bought without a second thought. The meat was fine, very firm... no complains there... neway, for such a price, I dun tink I can complain much. Hahahahaha... not sure how much us the usual price per kilo, though? o.O I'm sure it's quite pricey.

  3. Alice Law says:

    Wah, kena kelentung liao, who said you can’t cook, your crab dish looks so YUM!

    Simplest ways to kill crabs(I learned frm MasterChef, lol), chuck it into the freezer or dump it into a pot of boiling water!;p

    • Cleffairy says:

      LOL… this is just one of my good dish… u haven’t seen my disasters yet. >.< I'm famous for burning my food wan la... Queen of The Black Food~ Yalorrr... easiest way is to let it 'sleep' til die... but ppl say I bad worr.... cruel... sobsob... actually I'm not cruel lah... let it sleep til die oni ma...can go heaven very fast and painless. (actually I'm very chicken, dun dare to kill. LOL)

  4. Alice Law says:

    No lar, I think ths is the most humane way instead of split it open or chop it into half, PENGSAN! I’m a scraredy cat too in terms of slaughtering living creature… hv yet kill anything bigger thn ants or flies!>_<(You consider very brave liao)*clap clap

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