File 1: The Disappearance of Cleffairy

I’ve been going MIA since last week. Some of my online friends is rather alarmed when they no longer see me during my regular hour (which is not exactly regular for them…). They wonder what’s up with me, and why I’m harder to catch these days. Hard to catch me lurking around in Gtalk, hard to catch me in Fb chats, hard to catch me commenting in blogs, (save a few, that is)…

Well, I don’t have much explanation for those who wonder why I’m kinda hard to catch these days, except for that I’m abit busy with writing my novels and I’m not exactly in the mood to… you know… entertain people.

I’m very sorry if I make some of you worried, but I assure you that I’m fine, and I just need some time alone, that’s all. I always need time alone when I’m writing or doing work, anyway.

I also feel tired and rather unmotivated these days, and I don’t think I will make a good companion anyway. I need some space and peace to collect my thoughts. It will take more than just ice cream to cheer me up.

Food therapy does not really work anymore. Vigorous work out in the equestrian field with my favourite horses and playing chess with myself still works fine, though, so I’ll be doing that these few days. I don’t think I’ll be interested in anything but horseback riding or some water-sport for a couple more weeks. (Feel free to call me up if you wanna go horseback riding or joining me in my water-sport activities…but please leave me alone for a week or two if you want to drag me to accompany you for shopping and whatnot. I don’t feel like it right now)

So… ladies and gentlemen, if you don’t see me responding to your  messages immediately, please forgive me. And please forgive me for worrying you too.

Cleffairy: I seriously need a vacation. 🙁 But I can’t just leave with a moment’s notice! Argh~


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