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Remember my previous blog entry where I blogged about the Father’s Day dinner with my father in law? Well, another reason why I love and adore my father in law  is that he indulge us and make the time that we spent with him really worth spending.I may not grew up with my father in law, but he’s certainly a figure that I look up upon.

*sigh* I’m somewhat a daddy’s girl, aren’t I? I fancy elder males in my family rather than the elder females. I find the elder females in the family hard to deal with especially when they already hit the menopausal age. I could not stand them at all, as they’re very moody, naggy and not to mention they’re somewhat negative in nature, refused to learn and always thinks they’re right. 🙁 I find it very hard to deal with their monstrous mood swing but I can get along just fine with those father figures. (One reason that sometimes I pray to die early so that I won’t be seen and remembered as an unreasonable, inconsiderate menopausal monster. I’m vain. I want to be remembered as a young, sweet thing.)

Anyway, after we treat my father in law whom I fondly called Papa for the steamboat dinner, he coax us to have desserts after taking all the hot stuff earlier on. Everyone was stuffed, but the idea of an extended chit-chatting session with my father in law is rather appealing. So we went to a quieter cafe selling all sort of fancy desserts nearby. The shop is known as Sweet Hut.

Sweet Hut for the sweethearts. 😛

They’re selling various fancy desserts.

My father in law had this; cold, black sesame dessert.

My sister in law had this. Some sort of mango and aloe vera dessert served in coconut jellies.

My brother in law had this, some sort of mixed sago dessert served with sliced, juicy mangoes.

Stepmum had this, Sweet Hut’s aloe vera dessert.

While me… I had this, shared it with my husband. LOL…What’s dessert without some sweet brownie topped with ice cream and some fruits to wash it down with? 😀

The damage for these stuff? About Rm50.00++ It was my father in law’s treat. 😀 Thanks for the treats, Papa.

Cleffairy: LOL. I’m actually pretty easy to please. Feed me with ice creams and sweet stuff, and my heart is all yours.


    • Cleffairy says:

      Hahahah… eh, now that you mention… maybe I fancy elder guys. But then again, this only applies to family members. My dad, my FIL, my grandpa and uncles.

      They tend to spoil me and hold up conversation wif me, so I like lorr… my mum, MIL, aunties, all like to nag me ma…den summore like to kaypo about my personal stuff and aslo sex life so… liddat lorrr….malas dengar, rather go out with the elder guys… more hip and more fun!

    • Cleffairy says:

      The place is not what I’ll usually go for on normal days, but since it’s a treat, so I just order what I feel like eating. I prefer fresh fruits for desserts… oranges or sliced cold watermelons… or longans… LOL…helps to wash down those food I ate, I guess, wun feel like puking. But once in a while, have sweets for desserts, is ok la. 😀

  1. Cheeyee says:


    I saw lots of advertisements on this kind of shops selling desserts…. wanted to go try for very long time liao. Still no chance yet. The one ur FIL had – cold black sesame – interesting. Usually is the hot one.

    • Cleffairy says:

      This place ah, Annie? It’s at Kuchai Lama… somehwere nearby Paparich over there.

      LOL… when ur free? We go makan together la… u belanja ah? LOL…

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