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I attended an event last Sunday in conjunction of the Press Freedom Day, but I took no pictures because it was a forum/discussion for practicing and non-practicing journalists, and I was too engrossed ith the discussion to even snap any pictures. 😀 This is a rather outdated post, but please, allow me to share this with you:

The right-wing press, especially mainstream newspapers, are spreading lies, hate and thinly veiled racism to make people angry at their chosen scapegoats.


  • Create mass hysteria about child abuse then claim children are allowed to run wild because teachers and parents aren’t allowed to control them – because they’d be accused of child abuse.
  • Misrepresent statistics to have the public under the illusion that everything is all right. Eg: Oil price, economical development.
  • Lie about political refugee and immigrants to stoke racial tensions that they claim immigration causes.
  • Use emotive language to spin articles to their agenda and write about alleged crimes as if they are guilty until proven innocent.
  • Use emotive language to stoke racial tension.
  • Claim to be environmental but side with big business that undermines the Mother Nature.
  • Being politically biased, and reported lies instead of truth, just because they’re under pressure.
  • Etcetera.

What could we do to make the public see this?

For years cigarette packets have come with health warnings, it’s about time some of the local mainstream newspaper came with similar warnings.

You can print these out onto A4 self-adhesive label sheets (available from your local stationers) to stick to the front of the newspaper in question and spread the word.

Sticker downloads

Cleffairy: The reason why I quit being a journalist is that I was forced to report lies. I worked in one of Malaysia favourite mainstream newspaper before, and yet, the newspaper body itself lacks quality and the editors were always under pressure from you-know-who. If I were to work for such newspaper, I’m better off working for a tabloid.


  1. ericlee says:

    i assume The Star is the one u worked with before? it is one of the leading newspaper in Malaysia but it reported many fabricated facts and lies..i dun really bother reading political news from them anymore…

    every countries in the world is like that la…press have a strong influence to the public as it is also a reason why we achieve independence right? Do you know who is David Southwell? A well-known former journalist and author of many conspiracies and also my facebook friend…LMAO…had written many books regarding secrets and lies held by America and Britain..those are worse than what we experienced here today…several examples are how the fact that Coca-Cola once contained cocaine in their drinks or US testing biochemical weapons on their citizens? got his book with me and never get bored reading it…XD

    even now, the government is trying to control online media..the most obvious would be the ban on Gutteruncensored.com? it will only be a matter of time when out blogs will be controlled unless every bloggers stand up for it. But some bloggers too uses emotive language to promote racism? So, in the end, not everyone is correct…

    • Cleffairy says:

      LOL… you assumed correctly. 🙁 Working in there is like…I dunno how to describe it. It’s just crap, and I was practically counting my days to leave. Sad to say that media practitioners in Malaysia these days are restricted from reporting truth. What we usually read in the news are not necessarily truth, and mostly are fabricated lies. 🙁 It’s not a wonder that even after being independent for so many years, Malaysian’s mindset is still not liberated, and we’re not united as well because of you know who. To make things worst, media… mainstream media are so damn hypocrites, and you do realize that they stoke racial tension as well. Damn biased. *sigh*

      *sigh* You are right, not everyone is correct. Bloggers use emotive language to promote racial sentiments as well, but then again…bloggers are not media practitioners who are paid to write those racist articles. *SIGH* Media practitioners are paid to do fair reporting, and yet…. 🙁 what we get is blatant lies and yellow journalism. 🙁

  2. suituapui says:

    Our parents taught us to say what we think we should say, not say everything… Freedom of speech is one thing – absolute freedom is another. Keep the peace and spread the love – in word and deed!

    • Cleffairy says:

      LOL…I guess this applies, huh?

      “You must do these things to enjoy life and have many happy days. You must not say evil things. You must not tell lies.” Psalms 34:12-13

      But I’ve always remember this also…

      “So don’t worry, because I am with you. Don’t be afraid, because I am your God. I will make you strong and will help you. I will support you with my right hand that saves you.” Isaiah 41:10

    • Cleffairy says:

      Nah… boycott the damn newspaper… lack quality, and a complete crap. The contents is just like those cheap tabloids…full of…shits! The Star… are bootlickers and apple polishers as well. Just look at how biased they are during elections.

  3. Garfield says:

    Wat we read now is wat the gov want us to read, not the real facts.

    The “Sucks” nowadays is only reporting fake news!
    They always saying that the opposition always using racial issue to slam the gov. but in fact they are the one who causing all those racial issue ie: Utusan “Moron”.

    • Cleffairy says:

      Utusan is a Moronic newspaper… while the Star is absolute shit. Not even worth a penny. 10 years ago it might be worth a read, but these days, with all the craps that they feature… nah… forget it. Buying toilet rolls to wipe the ass with is much more worth it.

    • Cleffairy says:

      Nah… not all blogs are useful. I mean… some blogs are really shitty…some blog owners are just bloody crap. They do stupid stuff merely to attract traffic to their blogs so that they can maintain their PR and earn paid posts from it.

  4. Cheeyee says:

    Haha… that’s the reason why I have stop reading the “news” section of the newspaper… no interest in knowing all those politics news and the tactics used… as u said, not truth one. Wasting my time reading nia.

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