My annual bragging rights…

I’m back, I guess, from a not so long MIA, and you read it right. I’ve earned my annual bragging rights. Manglish posted up his bragging the other day, and now it is my turn, since I’m kinda back from my MIA. Hahahahaha… what? You can’t seriously thought I’ll opt out of my little fun, do you? LOL… here goes…


THE YOUNG WRITER thunders toward the finish line, manuscript under arm.

The writer sneaks an over-the-shoulder glance and sees DOUBT, FRUSTRATION, and FATIGUE fade into the distance.

They turn back toward the finish line too late to avoid a BLOCK laying in the way.

The writer leaps over the block, but TRIPS.

MANUSCRIPT PAGES flutter in the air as the writer CRASHES to the ground.

Doubt, frustration, and fatigue nearly close the gap.

But the writer CRAWLS toward the FINISH LINE, and with a final push, LOBS one RAZOR-SHARP PAGE through the FINISH-LINE TAPE:


LOL… hey… I don’t brag or show off often. I don’t even plaster my ugly face on the net for people to see. So I guess, this is the closest I can get to showing off. It’s only once… or twice a year. LOL…In case you people have no idea what in the world I’m talking about.. kindly bear with me while I boast some more.

Before one of you tells me off and ask me to admit myself to an asylum, this entry is about winning/completing Scriptfrenzy. 😀 I did it, I did it! Yes, yes, yes! I did it. I wrote not only one script, but two completed scripts in 30 days!

It’s amazing that I was disciplined enough to do it. 😀 I guess my teachers back in school was right about me. I can achieve anything I want as long as I put my head and my heart into it. It is just too bad that I wasn’t motivated enough when I was a student, though, or I would have ended up being a highly respected scholar today. 😀

I didn’t win any money for winning Scriptfrenzy, but I’m definitely satisfied with the outcome cuz it boosts up my confidence and motivates me tremendously. I also made many friends of all age along the way while working my butt on two of my scripts. 😀 It doesn’t hurt at all too that I earned 2 more cert to mark my achievements as well.

One cert for the  adult Scriptfrenzy Program. This one is for the script with the working title ‘A Jar of Love’.

And another cert was conferred for the script that I wrote for the Script Frenzy Young Writer Program, ‘A Thousand Paper Stars’ as an educator.

I’ve hosted a couple of online as well as offline write ins, and as Malaysia region Municipal Liaison, I’d like to thank you for coming and participating in those write ins. You guys really rocks. And I’d like to thank parents who allowed their kids to participate as well. Without your moral support, none of us would pull it through. Thank you very much everyone, for making the crazy literary event a huge success. I’ll see you guys next year, all right? 😀

Cleffairy: Nothing is impossible. Even in the word impossible, there’s IM POSSIBLE in it. 😀 Anyway, did you know that being a writer is like being in charge of your very own personal asylum? LOL… it’s just bizarre, in a good way. 😀


  1. isley says:

    wow~ writing 2 scripts~~ so amazing. ya~ i wish that i can write as well as you too. wish that my English teacher should push me more harder….

    • Cleffairy says:

      Hahahaha… I was a lazy bum when I was a child. Ask me to do all these, i’ll tell the teachers to kill me instead. LOL… but these days, I find pleasure in ‘torturing’ myself like this. I must be a masochist. LOL…

  2. manglish says:

    GIVE ME %!!!!hahahahha…ehhh u wrote 200 over pages leh….i stopped at 100 in fact my story belum habis also hahahaa next year write for part 2 maa abo no story oredi AHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAH see you next year

      • Cleffairy says:

        Yea… wrote 200 pages++. Only one of it is completed. The one for the YWP is completed, but the adult one is incomplete. Dun ask me when i’m gonna complete it… I guess I’m like you. Wait next year. LMAO.

        Hahahahahaha… ya, ya… see you next year, and hope to see you in those write ins as well. =.=

  3. eugene says:

    May be one day,,, all of us bloggers should publish our own books,,,, seriously i love writing but somehow i can’t really write as well as you do and like wise Manglish too.

    you truly deserve the bragging right, there is this thing about your writing dear, you are amazingly straighfoward and offensive yet i guess your readers are not at all offended.

    Who knows,one day you could be just like JK Rowling, rolling your way to the bank,, or banks,,,,,

    all the best and congratulation

    • Cleffairy says:

      LOL… Eugene, I think you missed some of my previous entries. Kakakakak… my book will be out in US, probably end of May. 😛

      Hmm… I guessed I’m a very bad influence. I dragged Manglish along to accompany me in my literary madness.

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