Tedmi Malaysia Fun Retreat: Seafood Dinner

We were practically famished after the mangrove exploration and so, we hopped over to the cafe in the vicinity of the rest house for dinner.

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The cafe. It also doubled as activity centre. Most of our indoor activities or briefings are done here. It’s a pretty cool place, overlooking the river and you could see fishermen in their boats passing through every now and then.

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The table was already set by the time we got there.

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And food was already served. On the table for us to enjoy that night: Chilli crab, fried mantou, prawn omelet, stir fried water spinach, spicy shark slices, mussels with woldberries, seafood soup and last but not least, steamed freshwater prawns.

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Not always a fan of crustaceans as they are usually a fuss to eat but the chilli crabs was irresistible. The crabs was fresh and naturally sweet while the sauce serves only to enhance the natural sweetness of the crabs.

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Crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside, the mantou was adeptly fried and made quite a pair with the chilli crabs.

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Mussels with cooked with wolf berries. Not a fan, but I had a taste of these lovelies and thought they’re quite a tummy warmer during the rainy night.

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Prawn omelet. Humble and homey, it’s my son’s favourite that night after the chilli crab and mantou.


Steamed freshwater prawns. No additional flavours was added to the dish, but it was wonderfully sweet due to the prawn’s freshness. It was gone in a jiffy after being placed on the table.


Last but not least, the star sensation of the night; sliced shark fillets in sweet and spicy sauce. Yes. Shark. Taste wise, it was pretty good. The meat texture was much firmer than ordinary fish and yes, I’d have this again in the nearest future. Definitely won’t be the last shark I’ll have, I assure you that.

To experience all these exotic seafood and get away from the superficial world for awhile to explore the nature, you can hop over to Wave Rest House& Cafe. Their package starts from RM139 for adults and RM69 for kids on weekdays and from RM169 for adults and RM69 for kids on weekend and public holidays, inclusive of meals and planned activities. There are 9 available rooms and the entire rest house can cater up to 30 pax. The place is about 60km away from Kuala Lumpur. You may drive there using Waze: mamboo free dating.

Packages includes accommodation, seafood dinner, breakfast, bicycle riding to the beach, mangrove forest exploration tour, craft making and bird watching at the sea.

Details of the homestay is as below:

海•浪滔滔民宿(Wave Rest House & Cafe)
Facebook: http://cleffairy.com/dating-site-username-search/
Jalan Bagan Sungai Janggut, Batu 15, Jeram,
45800 Kampong Sungai Janggut,


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