Tedmi Malaysia Fun Retreat: Wave Resthouse & Cafe, Jeram

In my previous post, I mentioned that I scored myself a holiday package, and promised you that I’d share more about it, didn’t I? Well, never let it be said that I don’t keep my promise. 😉 Here’s sharing with you a series of my experience retreating with Tedmi Malaysia team at Wave Rest House & Cafe.

Wave Rest House& Cafe is basically a Homestay that provided not only guesthouse services but various of planned activities for its guests. You’ll be staying in the same ground of the hosts’ family where they will treat you like part of them. Most of the activities during your stays are designed to connect you to nature, and you can safely add this place as part of eco-tourism attraction that should be added into your bucket list.

Planned activities includes: Exploring mangrove forest, bicycle ride to the beach, birdwatching and craft making. Not necessarily in that order though, as weather factor is always considered for safety reasons.

I’ll be sharing more about the activities, but first, let’s take a look at the guesthouse, shall we?

 photo DSCN6619_zpsmsoeilzw_edit_1441953753809_zpsxj34k8xz.jpg

The place is located at Jeram, somewhere between Klang and Kuala Selangor and is about 80 minutes away from Kuala Lumpur.

 photo DSCN6584_zpsezrr78cu.jpg

View from the front. Wave Rest House& Cafe is pretty much unique and hard to miss. It was built with double deck office cabins that’s often seen in construction sites, with an extra top roof covered. Air conditioner is installed in each rooms, so there are no worries for the heat.

 photo DSCN6670_zpsvkvakxlx.jpg

View from the back of the rest house

 photo DSCN6609_zpsl0nyxxi1.jpg

View from top. There is a common area in front of the reception where you could have meals together.

 photo DSCN6581_zpsukvmxvcb_edit_1441954225384_zpsayylckle.jpg

Bicycle for riding spotted in the vicinity. They are free to use.

 photo DSCN6586_zpsjvz6973l.jpg

Bicycle for children with training wheels attached can also be found.

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Boots of various sizes and colours for guests to use during mangrove forest exploration activities.

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Lifejackets for both children and adults spotted hanging at the back for boat ride to the sea and birdwatching activities.

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Artfully created single cabin spotted

 photo DSCN6620_zpsjgxola4j_edit_1441954001174_zps75w2n1hv.jpg

Another cute cabin spotted.

 photo DSCN6557_zpsrv7ypxbs.jpg

My family’s cabin was the one with balcony and with magnificent river view.

 photo DSCN6561_zpsshxvozll_edit_1441961262475_zpsfivxnlez.jpg

A peek inside shows that the room is pretty basic. There is no entertainment unit whatsoever, but trust me, the place will keep you occupied with planned activities that you won’t even have time to complain.

 photo DSCN6563_zpskvnrdaks.jpg

Huge King sized bed. Extra mattress to accommodate children will be prepared upon request.

 photo DSCN6564_zpslobdq5ll.jpg

All rooms are air conditioned.

 photo DSCN6567_zpsebvbhttx.jpg

Bathroom attached in the room.

Their package starts from RM139 for adults and RM69 for kids on weekdays and from RM169 for adults and RM69 for kids on weekend and public holidays. There are 9 available rooms and the entire rest house can cater up to 30 pax. The place is about 60km away from Kuala Lumpur. You may drive there using Waze: https://waze.to/lr/hw28413e6s.

Packages includes accommodation, seafood dinner, breakfast, bicycle riding to the beach, mangrove forest exploration tour, craft making and bird watching at the sea. Overall, the place is very unique and inviting and highly recommended especially for family with young children . I’ll be writing about their planned activities next, so stay tune for more.

Details of the homestay is as below:

海•浪滔滔民宿(Wave Rest House & Cafe) 
Facebook: facebook.com/wavehomestay
Jalan Bagan Sungai Janggut, Batu 15, Jeram,
45800 Kampong Sungai Janggut,


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