Tedmi, Fun and Rewarding Social Media Apps

Meet my new best friend. A huge and cuddly red bear.

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Say hi to Tedmi, my new cuddly love interest. This is no ordinary bear, mind you. He is the official mascot and everyone’s best friend for a fun and rewarding social media application, Tedmi.

So, what’s actually Tedmi? What kind of apps is it you ask me? Allow me to explain, my dear readers, before you hop away, thinking that this is just another one of those boring and useless apps that will just make your phone slow down and bloated. I know that there are tonnes of apps in the market but Tedmi is uniquely different and in my humble opinion, stands put above the rest as it is not only rewarding, but cute and fun as well.

Basically, Tedmi Malaysia is a social media apps that allows you to not only get the latest news but enables you to be rewarded with various vouchers and coupons from participating merchants. I have recently scored myself a 2d1n holiday package by just using Tedmi, but before I share my experience about it, allow me to share what Tedmi is all about and how to use it.

Tedmi is compatible with both Android and iOS so all you need to do is look up in your respective marketplace to download the apps.

I’m using Android based phone so here’s looking up on Playstore for Tedmi. Unlike others voucher apps, Tedmi is FREE to use. There is no fees whatsoever in comparison to other social media reward applications that is available in the market.

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To start using Tedmi, you will of course need to install it. First, search for Tedmi Malaysia and you will end up here on this page.

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Click install and Tedmi will be automatically downloaded and installed in your smartphone.

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Upon installation, open the apps by clicking on the Tedmi red bear icon on your phone and you will directed to this page. To start using Tedmi, you will need an account. To do that, you may choose to register an account via email or simply use your Facebook account to login and your account will be automatically created.

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Once your account has been created, you can take a look at your profile and verify all your personal information there.

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I opt to verify both my email and phone number along with the login password for security reason. There is a bonus reward in that as by verifying all your personal info, you will be rewarded with either a random Mi eggs or Mi experience point that will enable you to upgrade your Mi characters that will allow you to redeem more exclusive items.


One of the Mi egg that I found after verifying my account.


The eggs found usually will hatch in 24 hours and you can level them up by using your experience points for more rewards and benefits. Upgraded version of these Mi characters can also be automatically unlocked as your level grows.

 photo Screenshot_2015-09-10-18-06-13_zpsisxobp2r.png

Mi characters. They are actually functional avatars. Collect them all and upgrade them by using your experience points to enable more exclusive benefits offered by Tedmi Malaysia and the participating merchants. In other words, the higher your Mi characters are, the more benefit you will get. There is a lot of Mi to collect and may also choose to change avatars regularly by just clicking on these Mi characters.

Tedmi is pretty interesting. It provides both news updates on your timeline as well as vouchers to redeem.

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One of the news from merchants.

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You can bookmark your favourite news or posts and read it later from your profile.

Apart from that, you may also share interesting posts you saw in your Tedmi account with your friend on your social media account. Checkout the video above, courtesy of my friend, Azuki.

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I did mentioned that the apps is rewarding, right? Well, Tedmi apps allow you to save 1 voucher ticket from participating merchants every 10 minutes.

 photo Screenshot_2015-09-10-18-05-48_zpsma6hyc5s.png

The ‘wallet’ allows you to keep up to 50 vouchers at one time. Up in the screenshot is mine. I’m a foodie, naturally most vouchers I chose to save is of course, food related ones. They have wide range of vouchers you can save up and redeem, so keep a lookout for interesting vouchers.

 photo FB_IMG_1441880411646_zpsrpogztke.jpg

I scored myself a lucky draw as a Tedmi user. It was a premium ticket to 2d1n holiday retreat in The Wave Rest House&Cafe in Jeram, Selangor. So did I redeem it? Of course I did and I got to say that I never felt happier using an app like I did Tedmi. So how did I redeem?

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Easy. I just went to the guesthouse, mentioned Tedmi and scan the QR code for my ticket.

 photo Screenshot_2015-09-10-19-23-08_zpsdkzcbwgk.png

To redeem, just go to respective merchant, show them the ticket in your ‘wallet’ and scan a QR code from them in your Tedmi, redeem and enjoy.

 photo Screenshot_2015-09-10-18-05-55_zpscgfxzfqx.png

I redeemed mine and I had a huge blast last weekend with my family in The Wave Guesthouse and Cafe in Jeram, Selangor with Tedmi Malaysia team. Will be sharing my fantastic experience soon, but for now, if you are not a Tedmi user yet, please install it and start having fun! Tedmi will be releasing more interesting features with more fun, more reward soon, so use now, and stay tune for more exciting things with Tedmi.


  1. Michael Yip says:

    Looks interesting. Nice character designs. Wonder if they are also web based cause I try to only have apps that I use often on my phone and not bog down by too many apps that takes up space and I don’t use on an hourly basis.

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