Thank you for the reminder

Things are rather tough for me these days. There are quite a few changes that I need to adapt to and to be honest, it really drives me over the edge, considering that I’m not exactly someone who respond well to changes. I’m the sort of person who more often than not, goes cuckoo over the changes in my life that I need to adapt to.

I’m the kind of person who needs a lot of time to get used to certain changes in my life.

It is an awful thing, especially when I tend to get extremely stressed up and depressed over a lot of things that’s going on in my life. Being stressed up and depressed usually translate to foul mood, which I admit, is no good for myself and my loved ones. Bad, huh? But then again I’ve always felt that anger is a much more manageable emotion and being depressed.

I never felt like myself when I’m going through certain phase of transition in my life and frankly speaking, it’s not easy to be me when I don’t feel like myself.

Anyway, like I said earlier, I don’t really feel like myself these days. I feel like I’m loosing ; the spirit of being me, but thank God for the reminders he sent me.

I, for one, don’t think it’s a coincidence that I meet plenty of people whom reminded me of myself a few years back. And I don’t think it’s a coincidence I meet people who have helped me and my family and I don’t think it’s a coincidence that I’ve met a couple of people whom I have helped in the past and I definitely don’t think it’s a coincidence that I bumped into people who inspires me to be who I am today when I was just a child.

I suppose this is God’s way of reminding me of who I am, and who I’m supposed to be when I’ve forgotten about who I really am. Some would say it’s a coincidence, but to me,it’s God’s grace and nothing short of a miracle.

Cleffairy: Thank you, for the angels and the gentle reminders.


  1. Daddy says: ikon dating scandal

    HE said “Come unto me you who are heavy laden and I wil give you rest!” I can’t remember which part of the good book was this recorded (have not been reading it for years now) but this words have helped me over many hurdles. “I lift up my eyes to the hills and whence does my help comes from? My help comes from the LORD who made heaven and earth” I am sure HE has not abandoned nor forsaken you in anyway. The matter of fact is HE is even closer to you than you imagine, knowing that you need HIM more now than never ….Take care.

  2. Garfield says:

    It is a new thing I’ve heard these days, as you will never remember anyone who helped you before, including my mother who clean up the toilet for you, clean up the whole house for you, and then get bullied by you and get accused by you for things that she did not did, such as asking money from me every month, while the truth is, she is the one who give us money while we are in financial issues, and she did not even asked a single cent from us.

    Not sure if you admitted to a few friends of ours that you’ve lied to them about “how bad” you mother in law is, but I would like to make sure that you have really really admitted to them about your lies, like what you have promise to do.

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