The 5 Best Luxury Sneaker Brands in the World Today

In this day and age, almost anything you can think of can exist in luxury form; from ready meals to bleach, there definitely isn’t a shortage of luxury items on the market! One of the items that does stand out on the market is the invention of the luxury sneaker. These once casual items have been transformed by some of the top designers in the fashion industry, which has allowed us to dress comfortably while maintaining a fancy, trendy image. Although the high streets are failing, high-end brands continue to thrive. Gucci, Balenciaga and Louis Vuitton sales continue to soar, which proves that today’s generation is happy to invest in this premium to maintain a great image and the luxury sneaker is in the middle of it all. Which one do you go for? Well, we are here to help with that.


This brand has an interesting history, yet supplies us with trainers for the future. Balenciaga is almost a century old, but its innovative designs continue to shock the world. The most iconic trainer of this Spanish fashion house footwear is the oversized Triple S sneaker. They are known as the king of the chunky trainer trend.

Common Projects

Common Projects is an easy to notice brand because on the heel of these crisp, instantly recognizable sneakers is a gold foil style code stamp. Each code is unique, signifying the size, color and code of the shoe. This little detail puts this American-Italian label in the spotlight. These sneakers can be seen on the feet of celebrities, like Alexander Skarsgard and Drake.


Gucci is considered to be one of the world’s biggest trendsetters. The most popular Gucci sneakers have to be the low-top white Ace sneakers. These either have the iconic bee that represents the brand emblems on it or a snake that sits in the green, gold and red Gucci colorway. Every Gucci shoe is versatile, matching with all kinds of outfits. Get yourself a pair at if you want to see the full collection before you buy.


If you enjoy rocking the smart casual look, then a pair of luxury sneakers by Jigsaw are perfect for you. This brand was founded in the 1970’s in Brighton. Jigsaw’s signature low-tops, made in Portugal from 100% leather, are modest and timeless as they boast gunmetal eyelets and a hardy rubber sole. These inexpensive kicks offer a high street price with an upmarket design.

Saint Laurent

Most people associate Saint Laurent with black leather boots and fitted leather jackets, however, this French fashion house is much more versatile than that. Saint Laurent has produced edgy, decadent trainers, that have the brand name scrawled across their classic low-top sneakers. If you want to make more of a statement, then take a look at their block panel adorned hi-tops.

When you do your research, you will realize that many top brands have their own line of fancy shoes. As you can see, some of the brands you would least expect do have some fantastic looking luxury sneakers to get your feet stuck into.

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