The Bell Rock Mystery

There’s nothing much I can do when I’m down with hot and cold fever except for read and try to get some sleep. But then again, how the hell am I supposed to sleep when I tend to gravitate towards mystery books when I’m unwell? I got no mood for my usual romance fiction. Such a turn off when you’re sick. Same goes with chic-lit. Boring read when you’re sick.

πŸ™ I keep picking up intriguing books, and instead of falling asleep, I would lay awake and devour books, turning pages after pages… guessing who is the culprit of certain mystery. This time, I picked up this book:

The Bell Rock Mystery by Neil Wesson.

The story opens with WPC Kate Wood sorting through the archives of New Scotland Yard (modern day). She finds a set of notes on a case, the facts of which were never made public.

On Christmas Eve 1888 Chief Inspector Herbert Kitchener arrives in an Edinburgh Police Station.He has been sent to reconnoitre the various Locations for Queen Victoria’s Christmas Holiday. Whilst in the Station news comes through of a problem at the Bell Rock Lighthouse.

The relief keeper has been locked out. The Lighthouse is needed as a beacon for the Royal Yacht arriving later that evening, Kitchener and the relief keeper go to the Rock to investigate. On arrival they find a locked door and inside two dead bodies, the Keeper and the First Mate. The engineer though, cannot be found.

As Kitchener investigates, the story of how he came to be with the Royal Party unfolds. The engineer appears and the mystery of the dead keepers, Jack the Ripper and an assassination attempt on Queen Victoria’s life is revealed.

So… is this a good read? It’s an awesome thriller, of course it’s a good read. πŸ˜€ Left me wanting more.

Cleffairy: Reading is a form of adventurous escapism. When your body is confined, free your mind by reading.


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