The Complete Visual Bible

I’m a believer. I’m literate, and yet I still have difficulties understanding God’s word through the bible. I don’t really understand what God is trying to say through the bible though now I have no difficulties reading a page or two before I sleep.

It saddens me that I could not understand what He is trying to tell us. And it makes me unhappy that sometimes, I cannot imagine the object or events that has been described by the scriptures.

I have a lot of questions when I read the Holy Book. I’m not sure whether it is normal for a believer to question a lot of thing or not, but I’ve always wondered alot of things when I read the bible. The FAQ that always comes to my mind is:

1. Is God saying that East of Eden is a place on Earth? If He is saying that, where exactly is the Garden of Eden located? Where was it exactly in the ancient times?

2. How does Noah’s Ark looks like? How did Noah fed the animals during the flood?

3. Since human are all but wiped out from existence during Noah’s times… does this mean all human now are descendant of Noah?

4. Were there any discrimination before the Tower of Babel happened? People used to speak the same language before the Tower of Babel happened… and discrimination towards people who speaks different languages or people with different skin colour was unheard of.

5. How does exactly Tower of Babel looks like?

There are loads of questions that came to my mind when I read the Bible. And sometimes… I felt that it contradict one another… perhaps because my knowledge is not enough to understand it fully… that’s why I felt that way? I don’t know, but this ‘Complete Visual Bible’ by Stephen M. Miller helps answer some of my questions…it helps me ‘see’ how objects described in the bible looks like and it certainly helps me understand the socio-politic and the socio-economy during the biblical times.

This bible is helpful for those who wants to understand the bible fully. I highly recommend this for use in the Sunday classes in church. 5 star for this bible. It’s very helpful.

I received this ARC from Barbour Publishing via Netgalley. I was not required to give a positive review for it.

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