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A lot of married, stay at home ladies do not realize how important it is to have financial independence until they realized that life is not always a bed of roses or things goes a tad wrong in Paradise. For most, they realized that they couldn’t always depend on their husband when it’s already too late or when they have left the working community way too long to be marketable. Most have major breakdown when things goes wrong, and struggled to get back on their own feet in order to gain financial freedom.

Stay at home wife, or stay at home mothers have loads of things to consider about when they want to start working outside again. More often than not, having just stayed at home for years to look after their children, their main concern is that whether or not their children can adapt with the upcoming changes. They worried for their children’s welfare, and the feel that working from home or being a freelancers is always a better choice.

Don’t judge people who feels that way. They are not ‘LAZY’ as you labeled them. You have no idea how it is like to walk in their shoes, and should those mothers prefers to earn money from home to help improve family economy and support the family, you ought to applaud them instead of condemning them.

In my humble opinion, the corporate sectors should stop stereotyping and provide opportunities that these kind of people need. Most companies are not exactly family friendly, especially in Malaysia. Not all office provide nursery service for their employee’s peace of mind, and new mothers are often forced to resigned as they have no one to look after their newborns and stuff.

There’s this terrible mindset too. A lot of people thinks that working from home is simply not productive. Whoever says working from home is not productive? Just because you can’t see them working, does not mean they are just staying home not doing anything and just sipping tea while enjoying their freshly baked cookies while watching TV.

There is plenty of ways for you to earn money from home. Personally, I take up freelancing jobs and monetize my blog; something that takes up a lot of effort and connection. Doing paid posts/advertorials also depends on the quality of your blog and how often you update your blog, so it is not easy.

But then again, easy or not, there is a lot of ways for you to earn money from home. Here”s some ways how you can earn money from home:

  • Through blogging-content writing, accepting guest posts, reviews, etc. One of the famous, well known way to get these opportunities is by hooking up with local and offshores advertising agencies like Nuffnang, Advertlets, PayPerPost, Sponsored Post etc. (Google it for more info)
  • Through social marketing- on Facebook, Twitter, etc
  • Taking up freelance designing job
  • Sell stuff online via blog shop or fb boutique
  • Join affiliate programs
  • Make investments with your allowance or savings. There is plenty of ways you can do this, and the simplest, one of the safest way is fixed deposit and gold exchange.

I know that the tips is not much, but I hope it will be helpful if you ladies wants to help yourselves and help to improve your family finance.



  1. Andrew says:

    I started my blog to keep track of what we did in our everydays life, and never thought of monetizing it. I would like to give it a try in the near future though. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Yee Ling says:

    Agree with u…most of the companies in Malaysia is not family friendly.

    I heard Citibank (if not mistaken) provides nursery for parents to drop their kids there So nice.

    • nber recession dating committee says:

      Eeeee… jeles, jeles… not all companies provides such service… 🙁 most parents nid to kaotim themselves… very sien wan leh, so many things to worry about when you’re at work. If have such places, at least mind will be at least and can be more productive.

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