The New Palace…

Dear Malaysian readers… I found the sentence below very thought provoking, especially in the times of economic uncertainties:

The new “Istana is equivalent to 2.3 MidValley Cities, 4.9 KLCC parks, 209 Khir Toyo mansions, and 3,472 average semi-D houses”.

Should we, the people, not have some say in how we ourselves are financing our Supreme Heads of State?

My answer to what’s supposed to be a rhetoric question… we should have some say in how the government use the money that they extort from us through various tax that they imposed on us. But then again, to question those ‘authorities’ with absolute veto power is punishable by… erm… ISA for treachery and whatnot so if we do not wish to be dump into a place where they feed human pet food, or end up living in a self-imposed exile like RPK or even the bombastic Bala the PI, we better keep our piehole shut.

Cleffairy: One thing will never change until the day the Earth breathe it’s last is that people who wield power over others gets to do as they pleased.

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  1. calvin says:

    whatever we say or do oso no use in this country. all i plan to do is to earn as much money as i can while im still young, and retire elsewhere out from bolehland. 😛

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