The one who embrace…

I have a friend who doesn’t believe in God or whatever power there is out there that reign much more supreme than us human. He believes that there’s no such thing as God, and in this world, the only thing that’s important is money. He told me that he believes that with money, people will respect him, and he can do whatever he want to do to please himself.

I feel compelled to write about this as I don’t agree with his thinking. I am not a religious person. Far from that, but I think deep down, I am a God fearing person, because I fear His wrath and I strongly believe in His plans and His will.

I believe that He allowed me to live for many reasons only known to Himself. I could have died at 13 when I was in a coma but I did not. He kept me alive. I could have died when I gave birth, but I did not. He healed me and made me stronger instead. I could have died  in that fire two years ago. But he saved me, and gave me new life.

Anyway…this friend… is a very good friend of mine since high school, and I get annoyed each time he insists that God does not exists. Religious, political and economical conversation is a no-no when we chat, or I’m liable to do some nasty things that could definitely affect our friendship.

I feel as if I I want to slap some senses into him each time we chat, especially when he try to talk some ‘senses’ into me and tells me that money is everything, and as long as you have money, you can do anything that you like in the world. He thinks that money makes everyone happy. To me, this is just plain obnoxious and immature. A very shallow kind of thinking.

Yes. Money is important. I don’t doubt that. But while money means something in everyone’s life, it does not mean everything. Money can’t buy you contentment, can’t buy you sincere friendship and love, can’t buy you the fidelity of your spouse, can’t buy you the sense of peace and serenity and also cannot buy you absolute security. Money definitely cannot buy you respect…well, a genuine one, at least. (definitely cannot buy your in- laws affections if they hated you in the first place too… *roll eyes* -the sort of creature that cannot be pleased no matter what you do…so yeah… I think you get my point)

I wonder… how can one feel extremely contented and happy, knowing that they could never have enough or feel fulfilled? One got to learn to be grateful and humble… or else they would always feel that they never had enough in life.

Okay… so money is his God. How fragile his God is. I could easily burn and tear his God to pieces and it will be worth nothing. People could easily take away his God from him by simply robbing him too.

How can something so fragile and destructible as well as easily taken away from you be your God, I wonder? God… doesn’t matter from what religion are supposed to be powerful, divine being that cannot be destroyed are they not? Instead of human destroying God or God(s) in various religious beliefs, God could easily crush us with His wrath. Now, that is the real God to me.

Pity… my friend couldn’t understand that and therefore, he would never find contentment in life. What a shame it is for human to be so arrogant and not realizing how small they are in comparison to the Heavenly Father.

Cleffairy: God is like the air we breathe. More often than not, we take Him for granted… not realizing that we need Him very much in our lives. He is the one who embraces us all… so gently and lovingly that we failed to feel it sometimes.

ps: Blessed are those who believe in Him and could feel him around them as they breathe.


  1. MRC says:

    So long you do your part & don’t assume god’s role try to convert & change – it’s in HIS time & not our timing that a person can be changed?

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